Palappam recipe

Palappam recipe

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  • 1 cup raw rice soaked in water for minimum 6 hours
  • 1/4 cup cooked rice
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • salt to taste


    1. Grind together soaked raw rice ,cooked rice, instant yeast and sugar.Transfer it to a bigger bowl or vessel.
    2. Take 2-4 tbsp of above batter and cook it till it attains a thicker consistency.Cool it and mix it with the batter.
    3. After some hours you can see that the batter starts rising. It indicates that our batter is fermented.
    4. Before using the batter add some salt.
    5. You can add cow milk or coconut milk to loosen the batter if required.


  • TinuJ

    Palappam without coconut

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