Andhra koora karam recipes

Beerakaya karam petti koora (ridge gourd in curry powder)

Beerakaya Karam Petti Koora is a typical curry made in some parts of Andhra. This is kind of a sign..


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Recipes for andhra

Andhra chilly chicken

  Andhra style Chilly Chicken....just thinking about this dish makes my mouth water.The potential of the "Green Chi..

Andhra prawn fry

  We have been told by doctors that prawns are very high in cholesterol.We avoid eating prawns and they are quite costly..

Andhra raw mango pickle and every year we wont forget making mango pickles. Andhra style pickles always have their important place, th..

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Recipes for koora

Potlakaya koora(snake gourd fry)

  Hai friends today i am coming with Snake Gourd Curry.This is very simple and  tasty.My mom used to prepare Potlakaya per..

Ceerameenu koora/cheeramenu fish curry/silver fish curry

  Hai friends today i am coming with new recipe called "Ceerameenu fish curry".This is baby fish.It can be catch with sare..

Pesarattu koora or pesarattu kurma (curry with green gram pancakes)

  Pesarattu Koora or Pesarattu Kurma Pesarattu (Moon Dal Dosa or Green Gram Pancake) is synonymous with Andhra..

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Recipes for karam

Kura karam (masala redchili powder for curries)

  This is my entry for for the current event " think spice" and also to http://sunit..

Karam appalu (traditional rice flour crackers)

  ..d recipe which I learned it from mom,they are called as karam appalu or vadappalu which we make with many variati..

Kothmira karam podi (coriander leaves powder )

  Ingredients1 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves3 tbsp split black gram dal(husked)3 tbsp bengal gram dal3 tbsp roasted b..

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