Annapurna recipes in marathi recipes

Mango recipes |easy indian aam recipes| mango health benefits

..DI CHAT AAM KA ACHAR |Home made Green mango (kairi) marathi Pickle MANGO LASSI - MANGO YOGHURT SUMMER DRIN..

Phirni recipe | dudhi phirni |bottle gourd firni

.. phirni,etc had seen this on amhi saare khavayye " a marathi cookery show" Ingredients  Dudhi/lauki /Bottle..

Panchkhadya recipe |panchkhadya khirapat easy recipe for ganpati prasad

..e the name. normally it has ingrediensts starting with marathi letter kh  namely khobra ,khadi sakhar,khismis ,kh..

Diwali faral marathi recipe |deepawali easy sweets snacks namkeen

..raditional & new recipes for diwali faraal & making them in their kitchen. Faraal is marathi word for var..

Kaleji fry recipe |chicken liver fry masala marathi style |mutton kaleji fry

..chicken  or kolhapuri kombadi rassa for other chicken recipes click here Ingredients250gms Kaleji (C..

Lasun shev |garlic sev marathi recipe| lahsun karasev

..Y SHEV RECIPE Lasun shev is my favourite of all shev recipes.i have memories of enjoying this lasun shev at my ..

Puran poli recipe | marathi holi pooran poli

Puran poli /pooran poli  is a classical Marathi dish, which is a dessert served during auspicious occasions and d..

Bhajani chakli recipe | marathi bhajani murukku| diwali special

..    CHAKLI / MURUKKU . Chakli is an inevitable part of marathi diwali faraal. My personal favorite amongst all di..

Kothimbir vadi recipe |marathi kothimbir che rolls -wadi

One of my favorite snack is maharashtrian kothimbir wadi.kothimbir is coriander leaves which is known as dhania in hindi..

Egg curry marathi style |anda masala rassa| andya che kalwan alibag special

..king egg curry. kalwan means curry & anda means egg in marathi  base  of this  is  kanda khobra vatan ie onion c..

Rice flour chakli recipe |instant chakli |easy murukku |janmashtami recipe

..ku / chakli press. chakli machine is known as sorya in marathi.use starshaped plate (chakti) for making chaklis ..

Kothimbir wadi | maharashtrian crispy kothimbir wadi recipe

..nd then fried until crisp. This is a quintessential Marathi dish, and I so wanted to try making it myself! I a..

Sabudana kheer | sago saggubiyyam payasam | navratri fast recipe|tapioca milk pudding

.. festival Tapioca is known  as Sabudana'  in hindi and marathi , 'Saggubiyyam' in Telugu and 'Sabbakki' in Kannad..

Curry leaves chutney recipe |kadipatta chutni andhra style for idli dosa

curry leaf means kadipatta in marathi or hindi .I wanted to make this chutney since a long time but somehow kept ..

Kakdichi koshimbir |marathi style cucumber salad

.. .Making this koshimbir  is a childs play. A balanced Marathi Thali (Taat )  will always have a koshimbir in it ..

Lal bhopla raita | kaddu raita marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha raite

..s add it pumpkin is known as kaddu in hindi,bhopla in marathi and Gummadikaya in pumpkin. you can check my recip..

Lal bhopla bharit | kaddu bharta marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha bharit

Lal Bhopla  bharit is a typical marathi dish .bhopla means pumpkin,lal means red, & bharit is a mashed salad. If..

Khari poori recipe

..recipe of Kharipuri stands apart from all other Diwali recipes in the sense that it is the best Diwali dish which..

Til gul recipe | tilache ladu

..he sweet is a mixture of seasame seed (called "Til" in Marathi/Hindi) and jaggery (called "Gul" in Marathi..

Hongkong style chicken noodles| chicken hakka noodles hongkong style

..n of chinese hubby is & hence i keep on making chinese recipes.One such recipe was 'Hongkong style   Chicken Hakk..

Vari tandul thalipeeth | bhagar thalipith |sama rice flour paratha

.. as Vari Tandul or varyache tandul, Bhagar or Kodri in Marathi. It is the seed of a grass  ( Echinochloa Colonum..

Surmai cha hirwa hirwe kalvan |kingfish green rassa malvani curry

..h dish was this kingfish GREEN CURRY which is known in marathi as Surmai cha hirwa hirwe kalvan . This tasty ..


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