Atta biscuits in microwave recipes

Microwave eggless whole wheat dates cookies - happy new year 2014

..reo cookies, it was hard to convince him to eat other biscuits. When I reached my mil's, was glad that I had m..

No bake chocolate cheesecake with biscuit crumbs

..eep the cream cheese in room temperatue. Powder the biscuits using blender to coarse crumble. Melt the butter..

Cardamom almond cookies ( no egg )

..sound little similar to our Indian Nankatai (tea time biscuits), though ingredients and measures are almost same ..

Yule log pudding/cake

.. one such session. She once made Yule Log using Marie biscuits, for Christmas. It was great fun helping around wi..


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Recipes for atta

Bajra atta poori

   Bajra means kambu in Tamil . we uses this in our cooking . This is highly nutricious and rich  in fiber. This was the a..

Atta chakuli ~ sweet wheat dosa

  Here is another Oriyan Delight. It is typically prepared as an offering to The Goddess Durga. Also it is a special break..

Atta puttu recipe

  ..ani Fernando Ingredients: 1 cup steamed or roasted Atta flour 1 cup steamed all purpose flour 3/4 cup grat..

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Recipes for biscuits

Maida biscuits | diamond cuts | tukdi recipe -diwali snacks

  Maida Biscuits | Diamond Cuts | Tukdi Recipe- Diwali Snacks            Diwali without sweets and snacks is just..

Biscuit brownies ( no bake)

  .. Recipe Source : Lemon Kurry Ingredients Marie Biscuits/ Digestive Biscuits - 20 No Cocoa Pd - 3 Tb..

Osmania biscuits

  .. cutter in plain flour and make round cuts. Place the biscuits on the tray leaving an inch space between two b..

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Recipes for microwave

Microwave eggless chocolate cake / how to make cake in microwave / 5 min - chocolate cake - my 1000th post

  ..f my viewers has asked me whether we can make cake in microwave or stove top. My answer for that will be yes we c..

Microwave eggless chocolate mug cake using nutella

  Microwave Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake Mug cakes, I wanted to try making one since long time. This is a simple ..

Microwave plum cake / microwave fruit cake / 5 mins plum cake / 5 mins fruit cake / how to make fruit cake in microwave

  ..cause you dont own a oven. For those people i have my microwave baking recipes and for those who dont have a m..

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