Breakfast in hindi recipes

Breakfast recipes

There is no standard Indian breakfast menu as almost each state in India has different specialities. However, one..

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Ragi malt | healthy indian porridge | breakfast drink | finger millet recipe

..annada, Kelvaragu/aariyam in Tamil, and Madua/Mangal in Hindi. Today I wanted to share a simple breakfast..

Sambar with dosa n peas potato breakfast

Orange gram lentil Dosa or Masoor Dosa in Hindi 2 standard cups of masoor dal or orange lentil 1 cup raw Dosa ric..

High calorie healthy chapathi for growing children - fried gram, groundnuts, almonds cashews mixed rotis - breakfast recipe for kids

..une system of your kid. Try this recipe and make your breakfast a healthy one. Ingredients for making Healthy Ro..

How to make soft idlis with idli rice/idli recipe/southindian idli recipe

  How to make soft idlis with idli rice/idli recipe/southIndian idli recipe Lets make soft idlis using idli rice ..

Poori recipe / how to make puffy poori – breakfast recipes

Poori/Puri is an yummy breakfast recipe that is loved by all irrespective of their ages.I usually make poori for ..

Matar kulcha (new delhi special)

If there was to be a poll on Delhi’s favorite breakfast, the hands-down winner would be Matar Kulcha. A popular N..

Moong dal chilla

Chilla/Cheela is a Hindi word for pancakes made with the help of lentils/dal. It is a great way of adding protein..

Ragi dosa / fingermillet crepes - world diabetes day

..m.. i too didnt know about it till Swathi from asked me if i could get involved in h..

How to make soft idlis| homemade idli,dosa batter recipe

..ome made idli,dosa batter Cuisine: Indian Category: Breakfast Serves: for 3 days Prep time: 2 hrs Cook time:..

Dahi idli chaat

  Idli was the famous southindian breakfast . Idli is healthy breakfast and is suitable for those w..

Vermicelli bath - an anytime snack

..r East Asia. They are also known as seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, shemai in Bengali, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kan..

Sabbassige-soppu (dil-leaves) spicy dosa

..ta Kuppa in Malayalam, Sova Kura in Telugu and Savaa in Hindi are said to be the helathiest leaves. Dill contains..

Famous cuisine of agra

.. BEDHAI and/or KACHORI with JALEBI This typical breakfast, usually served at street stands, consists of two..

Jola-urd dal dosa (sorgum ( jowar - urd dosa)

..m, in Tamil is  Theni, Cholam in Malayalam and Jowar in Hindi and Jonnalu in Telugu. It is a very healthy grain a..

Healthy idlis using varagarsi ( kodo millet )

..ering from hypertension.Info from Nutritious products breakfast flakes. So check it out folks and make the ..


..t Puri which I referenced from Wikipedia:Puri or poori (Hindi पूरी (pūrī), Oriya ପୁରି(pūrī), Bengali: পুরি (pūrī)..

Pudina paratha

..athas with potato or cauliflower stuffing make a good breakfast, puris are for festivals and the list goes on. Pa..

Vegetable dalia upma - a diabetic awareness post

Swathi of Zesty SouthIndian Kitchen had invited me to write a post on diabetic awareness. Unfortunately, I had so..

Trevati dal ( gujarati ) a healthy protein rich dal combining toovar,chana and moong dal

Dal is a Hindi word meaning pappu or 'bele' in Kannada or 'parippu' in Sinhala or 'paruppu' in Tamil or Pappu in ..

Gajar methi mini uttappams ( carrot fenugreek pancakes)

..s treat to your family .This is one of the healthiest breakfast which I can vouch for before starting the challen..

Egg/omelette chapati (paratha)

Nutritionists state that breakfast ought to be the healthiest snack of the day, giving u a boost up of calories a..


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