Chhole ki sabji recipes

Chhole ki sabji

..ndian particularly a bihari eating home-cooked food or cooking ?...If yes... U might have noticed Potato is the e..

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..ade all this yesterday. Just by writing the recipe and looking at the pictures, my mouth is watering already and ..


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Recipes for chhole

Punjabi chhole recipe :- get the perfect colour and earthy taste

  Chhole Rice is a Punjabi specialty ! . It’s synonym to a Punjabi as its Dosa to a South Indian. You go to any r..

Chhole methi aloo

  Ingredients : 250 gm Chhole ( Boiled) 1 bunch Green Methi Leaves 5-6 Boiled and fried Potatoes Oil Salt a..

Chhole pulav

  This Chhole Pulav is very easy to make and tastes amazing. This dish is very comfy and perfect for busy weeknight..

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Recipes for ki

Chane ki dal aur lauki ki sabzi

  ..s well as a healthy dish. My mom prepares the best chane ki dal aur lauki sabzi and I learned this dish fr..

Lauki ki sabzi

  .. Devansh was born the passion was more for eating than cooking. Then I got interested in cooking, well ..

Lauki ki barfi

  ..nd if it is homemade, it is even more special. I made a lauki ki barfi today and it's turned out delicious..

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Recipes for sabji

Bara sabji

  Ingredients: Small brinjal - 1 / 4 k. g. Small simla mirchi - 2 to 3 Small ladies finger - 7 to 8 Baby potato - 7 Baby..

Tendil sabji

  ..dakaya in Telugu and Ivy Gourd or Gentleman’s Toes or Gherkins in English. They are available in India throughout..

Alu sabji and chop boiled potatoesMETHOD:ANDHRA RUCHULU-ALU SABJIHeat oil in a wok and make seasoning add onions fry ti..

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