Chicken recipe in hindi recipes

Chicken dakbungalow..!!

  Dak Bungalow Chicken Curry was very famous and popular during the period of the British rule in India. ..

Chicken tikka

..onounced with a dental t as تکه, from the Farsi, but in Hindi the pronunciation varies from being a dental t to b..

Chicken kebab

Chicken Kebab  Ingredients: 250 gms chicken 1 tbsp curd 2 tbsp cornflour 1 inch ginger paste 1 tsp gree..

Christmas recipes – a collection of 40+ selected recipes

Here is a collection of some selected recipes from the Mirch Masala archives for you to make for your Christmas l..

Recipe : vankaya vepudu / andhra brinjal (aubergine) roast -vegan

..uickly browsed through them and decided that Pedatha's recipe for Vankaya Vepudu - Andhra Brinjal Roast was ideal..

Bhindi/ ladysfinger kurma to this space!!! So thought of posting a vegetarian recipe. Just like I say, all the time, cooking vegetables ..

Kadhai chicken- a spicy delectable indian curry

.. back we decided we wanted to have Kadhai (means Wok in Hindi) Chicken and we don’t really have very many ..

Chicken mini muffin pies | light pie crust from scratch

This is a wonderful delicious low fat/light mini chicken pie version. Tastewise I have not found any big differen..

Whole wheat flour naan|naan recipe without yeast no tandoor no oven stove top method

Naan (Persian: نان‎, Hindi: नान, Urdu: نان, Punjabi: ਨਾਨ, Pashto: نان, Uyghur: نان‎, Kurdish: nan) is a leavened,..

Creamy paneer butter masala - no onion no garlic recipe ; step by step

Its been a long time since I have posted any Paneer recipe on my blog. And my regular readers would understand ho..

Cream of chicken tomato soup with fried okra

.. liked it. Decided to give it a try. Took the cream of Chicken Tomato recipe and then added the fried okra..

Korean oven fried chicken

..f street food and among them all I’m crazy about Fried Chicken. Be it American or Mexican or even Taiwanese or Ko..

Open rava sandwich recipe

.. in hurry, also one can do lot of variations with this recipe and get creative or it makes a good tiffin box r..

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Spicy mutton curry (kosha mangsho)

..e can finally stop communicating with him in her broken Hindi. Well, that perhaps will never happen, but I can se..

Tawa naan| a leavened thick flatbread made on a flat pan Rotis,chapathis,parantha,puri,bhatura ( Reminds me Hindi movie,"3 Idiot's dialogue - "Dhokla, Faafda, Handva..

Hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani - on stove top and oven, both versions explained

..thout Dal or any vegetable aside, this is a wonderful recipe which is not so difficult to make and gives very a..

Apple pie from 8" cake pan with homemade pie crust

.. well, I already planned to bake one veg n non veg pie recipes, noted the recipes clearly so I am able to ..

Chhanaar dalna or paneer – bengali style

.. it, you may skip the following and scroll down to the recipe of Chhanaar Dalna  or Paneer – Bengali style. It s..

Mutton liver masala | goat liver fry | earal masala | mutton kaleji fry

..i Fry is an authentic South Indian – Chettinad Special recipe. Liver is known as “Earal” in Tamil and  “Kaleji” i..

Christmas eve at marriott chakan (best christmas ever!) with caper burre blance, maple Syrup glazed Roast Chicken with honey mustard sauce, Peking duck with pancake..

Bhaighan murg.....

..ce to meet all of you after a long time..with some new recipes.My cousin sister came to my place for a short stay..

Flat bread - soft chapati - roti - phulkas- chapos

Chapatis or flat bread - called roti in urdu/hindi is most popular in Asian countries. It is very versatile and c..


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