Choclate with milkmaid recipes

Happy 3rd birthday!!! celebrating with milk and choclate layer cupcake her basic cake measures the same. I used little of milkmaid/condensed milk and little of almond powder. The re..


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Recipes for choclate

Choclate dipped strawberries

  Hai friends today i am coming with Choclate dipped Strawberries.I love this.Even my husband and daughter also lov..

Eggless choclate cake - using microwave

  This is simple yet a tasty fluffy choco- cake recipe for those busy mom's out there. Simple less ingredients are used an..

Choclate ice cream with a twist

  Choclate Ice cream  with a twist There are many varieties of chocolate ice creams I am going to put up on t..

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Recipes for milkmaid

Eggless sponge cake

  ..da) : 100 gmsBaking powder : 1/2tspBaking soda : 1/4 tspMilkmaid : 100 gms  Melted ghee : 2 tbspMilk : 1/2 cupFre..

Caramel pudding recipe

  ..esooriya Caramel pudding recipe Ingredients: 1 can Milkmaid sweetened Condensed Milk 2 Medium eggs 1 can cold ..

Fool proof baking without oven or pressure cooker

  ..lace in Nagpur. She had a ready made cake mix pack of milkmaid creations and wanted me to bake in cooker! But she..

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