Cooking without fire recipes

Cooking video episode 9 - fruit custard recipe / fruit salad with custard sauce Time : 10 minsCooking Time: 10 minsServes - 4 to5 Ingredients:For Cust..

Cooking 4 all seasons: announcing mithai mela ~ celebrating 2 years!

Cooking 4 all Seasons: Announcing Mithai Mela ~ Celebrating 2 years!Happy blog anniversary srivalli, i would like..

Cooking class: indian (green pea pilaf, curried mushrooms, bhindi [okra], palak tamatar, tomato salad [and mango shake, chai, and chocolate pie]

..laysian style lentil-filled parathas (breads) or potato-filled parathas. This was their best night of cooking yet

Cooking video episode 8 - tri colour griled sandwich / chilli & coriander chutney panini recipe Preparation Time : 15 minsCooking Time : 2 mins for each sandwichServes : 1 to 2In..

Cooking with kalyan - hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani

The reason why I haven't been cooking and blogging here for so long, is that I recently moved to the US - I now l..

Indian cooking made easy

..through some simple terms and what they mean in Indian Cooking.   It is really helpful to basically understand th..

Cooking video episode 11 - chocolate rocks

..cture. I was busy shooting recipes for tata sky active cooking, so couldn't spend lots of time for clicking pics...

Cooking video episode 12 - watermelon lemonade

..Basic Lemonade Recipe If you wish..Check out my other cooking videos too.   Recipe Youtube Link: http://www..

Cooking video episode 6 - nutella banana milkshake recipe

This milkshake has all my favorite ingredients in them, so how could this won't be my favorite one earth. It has a good ..

Weekend cooking - pork vindaloo

..ner again),,,so you see this is what keeps me going with love and care and feeding my dear ones! My li..

Cooking light : roasted veggie fajitas

Cooking light is not always about low carbs and low fat. It can also be about low cleaning, low pans, low mess an..

Cooking garlic paste

..his is multi-purpose paste and can be used in everyday cooking items like gravy, dry subji, daal, grilled sandwic..

Sweet rasam-cooking with pedatha series.

..d tweaked to our liking. This is one such classic from Cooking With Pedatha series. I have tweaked this recipe to..

Cooking with green - event round up

I am so glad to have this event completed successfully and overwhelmed with this wonderful response .I got 84 wonderful ..

Cooking rice in rice cooker

Hi friends, Today I post very simple... That is cooking rice in electric rice cooker... I hearing all your words,..

Cooking when you're going to be unconscious.

..etter cook ahead since I wasn't  going to be doing any cooking let alone eating for the next two weeks while I he..

Cooking class: warmup dinner

I had a new 6-week session of vegan cooking classes start today. My students made a tempeh saute and served it ov..

Greek cooking class: spanakopita, greek salad, baba ganouj, green hummus, couscous (and chocolate baklava)

Tonight in my cooking class, my students prepared tasty Greek and Mediterranean dishes. We had spanakopita with f..

Cooking for really really hot weather: courgettes a la grecque – zucchini stewed in oil. a rustic, cold dish.

..evere this year in these regions. I love early morning cooking on these days, if cooking must be done at a..

Cooking measurements & conversion charts

COOKING MEASUREMENTS & CONVERSION CHART to make your life easier   Measure. Convert. Cook. What does it mean..

Announcing cooking with seeds-peanuts

Am here again to host my own event Cooking with seeds, the host of this month was bit busy with her personal li..

Seasonal cooking for late summer

..nter climates at this time of year. Enjoy! Late Summer Cooking A feast of inspiration. BBQ Mung Bean Flour Min..


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