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Dahi vada recipe | dahi bhalla recipe how to make

Dahi Vada is spicy chata pata chart. Dahi Vada is mostly as a side dish in dinner. Dahi Vada is als..

"aloo dahi papdi chaat" - an indian street food

"Aloo Dahi Papdi Chaat" is one of my favorite Chaats or Indian Street food, which I make regularly at home. My mo..

Dahi chicken(yogurt or curd chicken )

Dahi or yogurt is said to soften the flesh or meat. Indian preparations often incorporate the use of curd in numb..

Rajasthani dahi papad ki sabzi/papad yogurt curry

We south Indians always love to have papads along with most of our dishes or else we rarely use them making a dal based..

Dahi idli chaat

..part of menu in most of the restaurants. The most common is sambar idli.   I made this dahi idli as a brunch ,

Dahi gupchup

..e excess body heat. Nothing satiates me more than a Dahi-pakhala or arwa bahta-dalma but i inadvertently get draw..

"dahi vada /dahi bhalla/thayir vada" or split black lentil dumplings in seasoned yoghurt

"Dahi Vada" or "Dahi Bhalla" or "Thayir Vada", call it with whatever name you like, if you like curds, thi..

Bread dahi vada

Ingredients Bread 3 slices(White or brown both are equally tasty) Curd 1 cup Grind to fine paste Coconut 2 tsp (Fres..

Dahi ke kebab

Dahi ke kebab is one of the most popular and traditional recipe of Awadh. Awadhi cuisine is from the city of Luck..

Dahi baingan

Dahi Baingan Dahi Baigan (Brinjal in curd) is a simple and easy to cook Indian veg recipe. Dahi..

Arbi dahi wali (colocasia in yoghurt gravy )

..ion with spices. So let's start the recipe .yum Arbi Dahi Wali Ingredients: 250 g colocasia /Taro roots ,..

Dahi misal chaat

..ry healthy.... and this recipe have gave me the answer. Dahi misal was introduced to me by my friend when we had ..

Dahi bhendi

..ther Odia traditional dish that I prepared today. It is Dahi Bhendi, it is similar to Dahi Baigan, and is ..

Dahi phulki / lentil dumplings in yoghurt sauce

I simply love dahi phulki and it is also a favorite recipe in my family. It is a simple yet delicious snack usual..

Dahi papad ki sabzi

My New year greetings to all ! Ya I am posting after a long time. Hoping to be more regular :)This subzi is convenient t..

Dahi wali arbi | colacasia- taro root yoghurt curry|arbi curd rassa sabji

Todays recipe is Dahi Wali Arbi . Dahi means yoghurt & arbi stands for taro root  or colocosia.this taro ..

Dahi bhalle

Ingredients: For bhalle:1/2 cup urad dal1/2 cup chawla (blackeyed beans) dal1 tbsp. green moong dal1 tbsp. saltOil for d..

Spicy-tangy dahi chilly bharwan

Ingredients :- Long Green Chillies - 6 nos. Dahi (Yogurt) - 1 cup Sugar - 1 tsp For Stuffing :- Boiled Moo..

Besan dahi phulki

..the cooking videos telecasted on tv.I came across Besan Dahi Phulki.This recipe is quite similar to Pakore Wali K..

Dahi chicken

   Ingredients : Chicken1/2 kg Dahi1 cup Salt Ginger Garlic Paste1/2tsp Red Chilli PowderTo Taste Onions 2 Slice..

Dahi papdi chaat recipe

Man who can resist this???.A plateful of this chat would be perfect for this chilled weather..The name itself is "chat" ..

Dahi ki kadi - gram flour dumplings in sour yogurt gravy

Dahi ki kadi is a delicious hyderabadi curry prepared in most of the houses. This curry is made from sour yogurt ..


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