Diwali special in marathi recipes

Bhajani chakli recipe | marathi bhajani murukku| diwali special

Diwali  festive season is near ! So here comes a mouth watering snack you can prepare at home this  Diwali..


..varieties as a traditional treat for festivals such as Diwali and Krishna Janmashtami.[4] Murukku are often serve..

Chivda- simplest pharal

..ance from most of the homes these days. Pharal  is the Marathi word for the sweet or savoury goodies prepared ..

Semolina(rava) coconut ladoo/laddu

..ifferent flours. It's usually made for the weddings or special occasions. Also made for Diwali, an spec..

गोड शंकरपाळे/sweet shankarpale

..procedure is same as खारे शंकरपाळे  You will need that special spoon called as कातण in Marathi. Divide the..

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Diwali special: karanji

Diwali Special: Karanji (Link to Marathi Recipe) Karanji in Marathi Gu..

Diwali special: karanji

(Link to Marathi Recipe) Karanji in Marathi Gujiya in Hindi Karajikayi in Kannada Karanji comes under ..

Sweet potato kheer--ratalyachi kheer

Diwali, the festival of lights is next week and I have to start the faral preparations . As always, I will start..


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