Easy marathi recipes

Rice kheer|marathi tandalachi kheer |pal payasam |indian rice pudding

.. and kheer is pudding . This is the most fantastic and easy kheer anyone can make. It is just delicious and requ..

Diwali faral marathi recipe |deepawali easy sweets snacks namkeen

..wali faraal & making them in their kitchen. Faraal is marathi word for various diwali snacks & sweets . So here ..

Kaleji fry recipe |chicken liver fry masala marathi style |mutton kaleji fry

Kaleji means liver .todays kaleji fry recipe source is my mom . Same process can be used to make mutton  kaleji whic..

Rice flour chakli recipe |instant chakli |easy murukku |janmashtami recipe

..ku / chakli press. chakli machine is known as sorya in marathi.use starshaped plate (chakti) for making chaklis ..

Tomato bhaji |onion tomato sabji marathi style

..vorite ,simple & easy vegetable which my mom used to prepare for my tiffin. This A quick easy & fast sabji..

Kakdichi koshimbir |marathi style cucumber salad

.. for its simplicity and crunchy texture. It’s quick and easy to make  and needs  just a few ingredients.in fact i..

Batata chi bhaji :- marathi style aalu sabzi with coconut

..d of that, but then again  there was something in this Marathi Cuisine that really intrigued me into it. The deli..

Mango recipes |easy indian aam recipes| mango health benefits

..DI CHAT AAM KA ACHAR |Home made Green mango (kairi) marathi Pickle MANGO LASSI - MANGO YOGHURT SUMMER DRIN..

Panchkhadya recipe |panchkhadya khirapat easy recipe for ganpati prasad

..e the name. normally it has ingrediensts starting with marathi letter kh  namely khobra ,khadi sakhar,khismis ,kh..

Vegetable soup

Homemade vegetable soup is easy to make, less time consuming and can be made with kitchen ingredients. No special..

Kothimbir wadi | maharashtrian crispy kothimbir wadi recipe

..sential Marathi dish, and I so wanted to try making it myself! I am happy to report that is very easy to m..

Pav bhaji

.. in Maharashtra. No doubt liked by all. Quick and very easy recipe made up of boiled vegetables. Enjoy this mumb..

Pav bhaaji

..ble spicy savory from the Indian streets rooted in the Marathi Cuisine. There is a tale behind every dish and thi..

Pani puri, golgappe

.. and more importantly spicy than usual. So i am posting easy steps to make pani-puri at home. Dont forget to give..

Dal makhani

..tter is essential to cut the protein and make digestion easy.As always, I turn to my guru in cooking, Master chef..

Chivda recipe - avalakki mixture - atukula mixture - aval mixture

Poha Mixture is a low Calories Snack. It is a very easy snack Recipe prepared in Jiffy.This Chivda requires littl..

Paneer pav bhaji and product review - hudson canola oil

..i - Pav Bhaji definitely. Pav means bread and Bhaji in Marathi means vegetable dish. It's a mashed potato based d..

Happy birthday indulge- you turn 4 today!!!!.

..ecipe Index, I found that the usual home cooked simple Marathi food is yet to feature in this space; which is the..

Goan style fish curry |goan surmai che kalvan |seer fish goan rassa

..it in Marathi - 'Surmaiche Kalvan'. This is a common fish curry recipe in goan households It is an easy f..

Goda masala

Goda Masala My mom uses goda—which means sweet in Marathi—masala in almost all the sabzis. It adds amazing flav..

Gongura pappu |andhra style dal with sorrel leaves |ambada daal

.. means sorrel leaves in english and ambadi in hindi or marathi and pappu is andhra name for dal Gongura pappu is..

Spring onion paratha |paticha kanda (pyaj) ke stuffed parathe

..) .it is a easy lunch box menu & kids favorite tooSpring onion is known as paticha kanda in marathi, very ..


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