Eid special recipes

Eid special sweet recipes

With the holy month of Ramadan drawing to a close and Eid soon approaching, festive spirit is in the air. As with..

Celebrating eid

..ple from sky larks to night owls is dramatic.Shopping: Special Eid collections of clothing, accessories, c..

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Onam special - ragi ada pradaman - a pudding with steamed ragi chunks in jaggery syrup and coconut milk

RAGI ADA PRADAMANAda Pradaman is the most favoured dessert for all auspicious occasions in Kerala. Even though other swe..

What to make on eid day/ eid special recipes

.. below some of the most delicious dishes that we make on Eid day. You can click on the links to get the recipe. I..

Butter chicken with mint chutney and naan

..ly Muslim readers, and followers had a lovely prosperous Eid with their loved ones.For The viewers that don't kno..

Ney pathiri/ ney pathil/ poricha pathiri (fried rotti)

.. This dish is having special preference during eid because in our locality on eid we prepare ney pa..

Kaala jamun

..un is a weakness of our family and we love eating it especially my 2 year old son, Amaan. We call it the cousin o..

Kodubale recipe | step by step recipe for kodubale

..... Crunchy deep fried goodness ~ Kodubale A kaleidoscope of images, people, colours, people, family, frie..

Chicken nihari

..d to find a dish of nihari at a restaurant, usually a specialty nihari restaurant, after late morning. It is stil..

Mauritian beef biryani

.. Because it is often cooked when celebrating something special like for a wedding or any other festivals in Mauri..

Festive sindhi biryani

This is one of my recipes I love to use on special occasions like Eid Diwali etcRather than the regular bi..

Dahi papad ki sabzi

..umin seeds1 1/2 tsp coriander powder1/2 tsp asafoetida2 dreid red chillies, broken into 21/4 cup boondi1 tbsp cho..

Chettinad pepper chicken

...blogspot.com/   It is needless to say about the speciality, a distinctive culinary style with judicious blen..

Kata kat (taka tak) recipe

.. recipe you can try at home any time specially on Eid al-Adha (Eid ul-Azha). Ingredients: lamb/mu..

Spinach and potato kababs

..n want to use egg to bind the dough. My kids love it especially as a “School Tiffin “ snack and I am happy about ..

Double chocolate brownies - the ultimate chocolate brownie recipe..

.. a long story that needs another blog post. These were special brownies and I sent them over to Izzy's CLO at sch..

Hara paneer kofta

..re is how you can treat yourself to a delicious meal especially during the hot summer months when one has little ..

Jodhpuri gatte ki subzi

..vy, is a traditional as well as versatile Rajasthani speciality. This is such a recipe, without which a 'Rajastha..

Cholle bhatoore / chick pea curry with indian bread

..e always too greasy and heavy. Ok , ok, I know it is a special dish and the bhaooras are fried, so the chole bhat..

Eggless thumbprint cookies | chocolate filling

Eid Mubarak!This is a special day,God will make the world peace and full of Happiness.Coming to the today'..

Mouthwatering koftas in yogurt gravy...

..nd then put into a special yogurt gravy.. Served on special occasions, such as  Eid, festivals, and..

Kesari rajbhog- saffron flavored stuffed rasgullas for sfc#1

Eid holidays are over and hence the 'shor sharaba'! We had ten days holiday this time and all of us had a blast. ..


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