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Bheja fry

..unger to devour all the food.So today we prepared  Rice,Bheja fry , Kali mirch ka salan[recipe coming soon..

Aatu moolai masala (varuval) / lamb brain fry

Aatu Moolai Masala (Varuval) / Lamb Brain Fry Aatu Moolai Masala (Lamb Brain Fry) is sim..

Bheja masala

..a BallsMutton CurryMutton KadaiHyderabadi HaleemPaya CurryMasala Mutton ChopsMutton KormaMutton Biryani Ingre..


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Recipes for bheja

Bheja fry – cervelle d’agneau frit – fried lamb brains des morceaux de choix à offrir aux invités spéciaux. Bheja Fry signifie cervelle frite. C’est également..

Bheja kothmir na parsi style (fresh goat brains)

  By Farida Ankleshwaria Bheja Kothmir na Parsi Style Ingredients: 6 Bhejas (Goat Brains) 6 tbsp Oil 2 ..

Cucumber and dill salad

  There is a dish in India called ‘Bheja Fry’ which literally means Brain fry and is also used to den..

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Recipes for fry

Kaleji fry recipe |chicken liver fry masala marathi style |mutton kaleji fry

  Kaleji means liver .todays kaleji fry recipe source is my mom . Same process can be used to make mutton  kale..

Tawa fry veggies

  ..go) powder1/2 tsp turmeric (haldi) powder1/2 tsp Garam masala powder1/2 tsp Red chilli powder1 tsp Onion paste1 t..

Fish fry [south indian style]

  Pomfret (Vavval) Fry Ingredients Pomfret Slices (Vavval)                  4 Red Chilli Powder        ..

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Recipes for masala

Masala puri : a bangalore style chaat recipe

  ..emories associated with food are very unique. The name masala puri reminds me of one such unique thing that happe..

Egg masala/egg roast

  .. something easy and the thought of this egg masala came into my mind.The recipe...Ingredients1.Eggs(ha..

Chole masala | chana masala recipe- for chapathi, poori, roti, batura

  ..e chana over night - grind the ingredients – cook with masalas and its done. That’s it!!! The most awesome side d..

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