How to make karanji in marathi recipes

Modak and nevri/karanji/gujia -ganesh chaturthi special

.. common in Western India.It is called modak in konkani,marathi and gujarati.The sweet filling inside a modak is m..


..on to me by my mother in law.Gujia is also popular as "Karanji" (Marathi) in Maharashtra or "Karachika" (T..

Diwali special: karanji

Diwali Special: Karanji (Link to Marathi Recipe) Karanji in Marathi Gu..

Diwali special: karanji

(Link to Marathi Recipe) Karanji in Marathi Gujiya in Hindi Karajikayi in Kannada Karanji..

Narala chi wadi |coconut burfi recipe| diwali faral

..get involved in making sweets  except tilgul laddos & karanjis. I found the process  tiresome.    However i enjoy..


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