How to make moong dal ki pinni recipes

Bajre ki kichdi and besan pinni - haryana

..ith some side dishes and green chilies and a dinner of kichdi or other dishes and a large round of drinks follow..

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Quick and easy
Haryanvi thali |simple haryanvi lunch thali

..areas there.Mainly the farmers take only two meal a day skip breakfast and go straight to lunch which will have v..

పచ్చి పెసర పచ్చడి: pacchi pesara pacchadi- split green gram chutney

Serves: Five. Preparation time: 5 minutes. But soaking takes 1 hour.  Ingredients: 1 Cup Yellow (split and dehu..

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Dal pinni ( iron rich recipe)

moong dal (split green gram), chana dal (split bengal gram), masoor dal (split red lentil), kabuli chana (white chick peas), chopped spinach (palak)


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Moong dal chilla

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Whole moong dosa

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Moong dal pakoda

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Dal palak

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Mixed dal dosa (adai)

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Besan pinni - haryana

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How to make pinni shrikhand granola

  ..s is a unique Indianized version which doesn’t require baking and combines the goodness of yogurt and wholesomene..

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