How to make mutton keema in hindi recipes

Spicy mutton curry (kosha mangsho)

..kosho bosho”. “What??” I almost yelled in shock. It did make sense to me in couple of seconds, but just for fun I..

Gobi matar keema (vegetable keema)

  Gobi matar Bhurji or keema as it is called , is a quick and easy to make side dish. Gobhi means cauliflo..


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Recipes for make

Make your own tandoor....

  ..rocess the TIN.....  cut open the tin completely to make it look like a bin  heat the tin and temper the meta..

Make your own detox drink

  Make Your Own Detox Drink for Daily Enjoyment & Cleansing Whether you’re just trying to steer clear of the sugary..

Make navratan recipie

  .. make navrattan korma : Boil tomatoes till tender. Allow them to cool. Then peel off the tomato skin to make..

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Recipes for mutton

Mutton kuzhambu / lamb gravy

  ..Indian families, Sunday will start with hot idlies and mutton gravy.. Yeah, its a Sunday special... In South Indi..

Ambur mutton biriyani/ambur style mutton biryani

  ..for its spicy non vegetarian cuisine made with chicken,mutton or eggs in the form of gravy or kebabs. Ambur birya..

Peshawari mutton or lamb karahi (pakistani dumba karahi)

  Peshawari Mutton/lamb Karahi Recipe How to Make Peshawari Mutton Karahi Ingredients: Mutton..

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Recipes for keema

Vegetarian keema (soya granules) curry

  This is the vegetarian version of minced keema. Me and my hubby both love this soya chunks or granules curry with..

Mutton keema masala

  Mutton is the preferred meat to the non veg lovers but it is considered as red meat. As we all know, frequent con..

Keema masala or lamb mince masala

  The "Keema masala" I have made today is almost the same as  "Keema mutter" or "lamb mince with green peas"..

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Recipes for hindi

Shenga hindi | spiced peanut powder | dry peanut chutney : easiest chutney pudi ever!!

  ..our trip. Will share more about our trip later. Shenga hindi is a very versatile powder which could be consumed ..

Black forest cupcake..

  ..cupcake from my hubby's office. Like there is saying in Hindi "Sona Pe Suhaga" happily i made few extra cupcakes ..

Chicken dakbungalow..!!

  ..r the travellers along a dak-route. Dak means "mail" in hindi. The British Officers used Dak Bungalow to collect ..

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