How to make nippattu crispy recipes

Nippattu / rice crackers

Nippattu are deep fried snacks as they suggest these rice crackers made from rice flour.This recipe is a part fro..

Baked nippattu- savory onion crackers

..from all these, one memory (or should I say aroma) that makes me most nostalgic is the Iyengar bakeries of Bangal..

Kodubale recipe | step by step recipe for kodubale

Learn how to make Kodubale ~ Deep fried rice and roasted gram savoury rings from Karnataka As I stand here in m..

Spicy onion crackers - baked & low calorie snack

..decided to close for the day completely. So they have a make up day now at the tail end of the school year, not s..

Nippattu - crunchy, crispy snack

Nippattu - crunchy, crispy snack After 2 full weeks of gorgeous Sun, weather changed for us with t..


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