How to make veg chopsuey at home recipes

Schezwan dosa recipe|schezuan chopsuey dosa |indo chinese fusion dish

..ets of mumbai include hakka noodles dosa, schezwan dosa, veg manchurian dosa,mumbai mysore masala dosa and pav bh..


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Make your own tandoor....

  ..rocess the TIN.....  cut open the tin completely to make it look like a bin  heat the tin and temper the meta..

Make your own detox drink

  Make Your Own Detox Drink for Daily Enjoyment & Cleansing Whether you’re just trying to steer clear of the sugary..

Make navratan recipie

  NAVRATAN KORMA RECIPIEHello Friends.. The  popular Vegetable with the great taste.. navratan korma is here for yo..

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Recipes for veg

Veg pulao asian style |how to make restaurant style asian chinese veg fried rice at home

  ..add it in end like in fried rice .Or even stir fry all veggies with sauces & then mix rice & cook it with water &..

Veg fried rice

  Veg Fried Rice is very common in our house. Simple and Fast. All you need to have in hands are some veggies..

Veg grilled sandwich

  ..ill know exactly what I’m talking about .The yummy huge Veg.Grilled Sandwiches…ohhh makes me drool!  I t..

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Recipes for chopsuey

Veg american chopsuey

  American Chopsuey is a Indo-Chinese dish where crispy fried noodles are served with Chinese style sauce. I like ..

Hot favorite american chopsuey

  ..e of their touches and many suck favorites were seen. Chopsuey takes crunch to a different level altogether by de..

Veg hakka noodles

  ..odles, punjent Schezwan Rice, sweet and sour American Chopsuey are names that will make any Indian salivat..

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Recipes for home

Home -made sambar powder | tamilnadu style sambar powder !

  For most of our daily spice powders,we depend hugely on stores.The ready-made ones coming with varied brands assuring th..

Home made vegetarian pizza

  FEB12Recipe of the Day "Home Made Vegetarian Pizza"In my family, pizza is one of the most favorite, and wa..

Home-made crispy fried chicken – kfc style

  ..d chicken. It’s crispy, juicy and so tasty. Yum! This home-made crispy chicken tastes just as good as the one at ..

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