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Rice kheer|marathi tandalachi kheer |pal payasam |indian rice pudding

 A rich creamy kheer with simple ingredients  .tadul means rice and kheer is pudding . This is the most fantastic and e..

Curry marathi de haricots de soissons

..raditionnelle (pâte de curry, plutôt que poudre).Curry Marathi de haricots de SoissonsIngrédients250 g de haricot..

Diwali faral marathi recipe |deepawali easy sweets snacks namkeen

..wali faraal & making them in their kitchen. Faraal is marathi word for various diwali snacks & sweets . So here ..

Egg curry marathi style |anda masala rassa| andya che kalwan alibag special

..king egg curry. kalwan means curry & anda means egg in marathi  base  of this  is  kanda khobra vatan ie onion c..

Bhajani chakli recipe | marathi bhajani murukku| diwali special

..    CHAKLI / MURUKKU . Chakli is an inevitable part of marathi diwali faraal. My personal favorite amongst all di..

Green chilli pickle marathi style |spicy hirwi mirchi loncha |tikha hari mirch ka achar

..ince childhood .pickle is known as loncha or lonche in marathi and hirwi mirchi stands for green chilli.In India,..

Kaleji fry recipe |chicken liver fry masala marathi style |mutton kaleji fry

Kaleji means liver .todays kaleji fry recipe source is my mom . Same process can be used to make mutton  kaleji whic..

Puranpoli recipe | how to make gujarati, marathi sweet dish puran poli

Puranpoli means Stuffed sweet chapattis. It is most famous in Gujarat and Maharashtra too. We Gujarati make Puranpoli in..

Lasun shev |garlic sev marathi recipe| lahsun karasev

There is nothing that beats fresh ,home made snacks. Sev is one of them. A touch of garlic to the Sev gives it an amazin..

Kothimbir vadi recipe |marathi kothimbir che rolls -wadi

One of my favorite snack is maharashtrian kothimbir wadi.kothimbir is coriander leaves which is known as dhania in hindi..

Tomato bhaji |onion tomato sabji marathi style

This is  yet another favorite ,simple & easy vegetable which my mom used to prepare for my tiffin. This A quick easy & f..

Kakdichi koshimbir |marathi style cucumber salad

.. .Making this koshimbir  is a childs play. A balanced Marathi Thali (Taat )  will always have a koshimbir in it ..

Lal bhopla raita | kaddu raita marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha raite

..s add it pumpkin is known as kaddu in hindi,bhopla in marathi and Gummadikaya in pumpkin. you can check my recip..

Lal bhopla bharit | kaddu bharta marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha bharit

Lal Bhopla  bharit is a typical marathi dish .bhopla means pumpkin,lal means red, & bharit is a mashed salad. If..

Tanjore marathi pitlai

Ingredients : Cooked thuvar dal - 1 / 2 cup Tamarind paste - 2 tsp Coriander seeds - 1 tsp Black pepper - 1 / 2 sp Cha..

Batata chi bhaji :- marathi style aalu sabzi with coconut

..d of that, but then again  there was something in this Marathi Cuisine that really intrigued me into it. The deli..

Gola bhaat with marathi tadka / phodni " a maharastrian speciality " known Gola and cooked in rice thats called bhaat in Marathi language. Marathi Language is the mother to..

Maharastrian thali |marathi thali

..e delicacies been originated here and are enjoyed by themarathi people here. They celebrate all the festivals ..

Puran poli recipe | marathi holi pooran poli

Puran poli /pooran poli  is a classical Marathi dish, which is a dessert served during auspicious occasions and d..

Katachi amti | marathi katachi amti

..s the festival food is concerned. The skills of a good Marathi cook are gauged by the way he/she can make the Pur..

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Kolhapuri misal pav (maharashtra special)

..e. This is known as Usal in Marathi. To prepare the gravy (known as Kat in Marathi), heat 2 tablespoons oi..


..chakali; Kannada: ಚಕ್ಲಿ chakli; Gujarati: ચકરી chakri; Marathi: चकली ; Telugu: మురుకులు murukulu, చక్రాలు chakral..


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