Indian cooking without fire recipes

Indian cooking made easy

..ill go through some simple terms and what they mean in Indian Cooking.   It is really helpful to basically..

Indian cooking class

..Here is the plate of food that my students put together for tonight's Indian cooking.

Cooking class: indian (green pea pilaf, curried mushrooms, bhindi [okra], palak tamatar, tomato salad [and mango shake, chai, and chocolate pie]

Wow, my students made a great Indian meal tonight! Everything came out very well, including the pilaf and variou..

Indian style macaroni

Macaroni masala is macaroni made with Indian masalas. In other words we may say ‘Desi Tadke Wala Macaroni’.  My s..

Indian style easy grilled chicken

.. most basic grilled chicken recipe. The marinade is an Indian style tandoori chicken type masala which is simple ..

Amla chutney/indian gooseberry chutney

Amla Chutney/Indian Gooseberry Chutney                  Gooseberry or Amla,  the richest natural source of Vita..

Cooking with kalyan - hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani

The reason why I haven't been cooking and blogging here for so long, is that I recently moved to the US - I now l..

Jalpai achar/indian olive pickle

..vailable during the cooler months in our region is the Indian olive/Elaeocarpus floribundas locally known as jalp..

South indian masala dosa/dosai (potato masala crepe)

.. has its own food and taste. I particularly love North Indian food, Punjabi especially. I am not that big of a fa..

Basic indian style tomato gravy #vegan ( how to make in bulk and freeze ) step by step pictures

This traditional Indian Style Tomato Gravy can be used as a base for all sorts of vegetables or tofu . This is of..

Indian dinner with the deshpandes

..-Cilantro chutney as a mid-afternoon snack.   Note: Indian chutney's are spicy and thin, not sweet and thick l..

South indian style whole roasted chicken

This South-Indian style whole roasted chicken was our Sunday Grilling fix. The chicken was just about perfect wit..

Poori/indian puffed bread

..t Regional Indian Preparation Time 5 Minutes (Except resting time) Cooking Time 10-15..

Sweet rasam-cooking with pedatha series.

.. my taste buds have changed drastically. We love South Indian food. And have adopted many traditional recipes and..

Indian meat ball curry - goan meat ball curry recipe

..mint2 Tbsp of chopped corianderHow to make Meat Ball CurryIndian Meat Ball Curry!Marinate the ground beef (minced..

Spicy indian meat ball curry recipe

.. accompanied with some Dal lentil curry and rice.Spicy Indian Meat Ball Curry RecipeIngredientsLean ground beef 5..

Cooking with green - event round up

..Jaleela Banu : Bottle Gourd Methi Pakoda Dill Leaves Indian Doughnut Sweet Corn Mint Pulao My Healthy Happy..

Indian-style fries, fast and easy

   See the lovely, Indian-style french fries above? So innocent, so harmless, so tempting. Sitting there next to ..

Indian cheesecakes in rose pistachio cream, aka ras malai

../4 cup of flour2 cups of water2 Tbs and 1 tsp of quick cooking cream of wheatSeeds from 5 green cardamom1 and 1/2..

Indian espresso coffee

..I make coffee for myself or my hubby, it has to be The Indian Espresso Coffee. Nothing else works for me. The bes..

Cooking when you're going to be unconscious.

..etter cook ahead since I wasn't  going to be doing any cooking let alone eating for the next two weeks while I he..

Indian spices (part i) to its shores and changed its course of history. An Indian kitchen will typically have an array of spices that..


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