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Bhindi fry (okra/lady's finger fry)

..I hope that changed our palate. I can proudly say Surat food changed my perspective on food. The way they ..

North indian thali

..e in kitchen while guest are around.This is the  North Indian meal I cooked recently…we invited our friend's son ..

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How to make soft idlis with idli rice/idli recipe/southindian idli recipe

.. How to make soft idlis with idli rice/idli recipe/southIndian idli recipe Lets make soft idlis using idli..

A westerner's attempt to entertain indians

I briefly wanted to mention food in a social context in India and how organising a food related gathering ..

Badam barfi- a sweet indian treat perfect for the festive season

..nd Candy) is one such simply wonderful, quick and easy Indian sweet that is nutritious as well. It was Karwa Chau..

Poori recipe / how to make puffy poori – breakfast recipes

Poori/Puri is an yummy breakfast recipe that is loved by all irrespective of their ages.I usually make poori for ..

7 super simple indian style vegan stir fry recipes

Stir-frying is a fast and fresh way to cook. Simply toss and turn bite-sized pieces of food in a little ho..

Ras malai - celebrating my first blog baby birthday all…Still I can’t believe the one year has flown so fast in a healthy way…   CELEBRATING MY FIRST BLOG BA..

Matar kulcha (new delhi special)

If there was to be a poll on Delhi’s favorite breakfast, the hands-down winner would be Matar Kulcha. A popular N..

Ragi dosa / fingermillet crepes - world diabetes day

..rolyn Ketchum, author of the blog All Day I Dream About Food, I am participating in an effort to raise awareness ..

How to make soft idlis| homemade idli,dosa batter recipe

..crispy dosa using home made idli,dosa batter Cuisine: Indian Category: Breakfast Serves: for 3 days Pr..


..t Puri which I referenced from Wikipedia:Puri or poori (Hindi पूरी (pūrī), Oriya ପୁରି(pūrī), Bengali: পুরি (pūrī)..

Vegetable dalia upma - a diabetic awareness post

Swathi of Zesty SouthIndian Kitchen had invited me to write a post on diabetic awareness. Unfortunately, I..

Trevati dal ( gujarati ) a healthy protein rich dal combining toovar,chana and moong dal

Dal is a Hindi word meaning pappu or 'bele' in Kannada or 'parippu' in Sinhala or 'paruppu' in Tamil or Pappu in ..

Pudina paratha

Dear Readers,Indian flat breads are some of the best breads in the world and the sheer variety of them ensures yo..

Aval upma / poha

Poha, a very common breakfast in North India. Mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat etc, you mostly get only Pohas for ..

Dry fruit halwa | dry fruit burfi recipe | diwali special recipes

..monds 125 gms upto 1cup 1 tsp. melon seeds (maghaz  in hindi) for garnish 1 tbsp. Dry dates chopped (optional) ..

Spicy buffalo cauliflower bites

..the time of closing. They wanted to feed them something fast and tasty so she came up with the idea. She took the..

Soft ragi roti/ragi adai(sweet,spicy)recipe–ragi recipes

..recipe was in my try list for long time.Its a healthy breakfast/dinner recipe for diabetic and for people who wan..

Manchow noodle soup

..rrots and sauté for  2 minutes. As you know all Chinese food you have to cook on high flame so it maintain crunch..

Korean oven fried chicken

..ers are already aware of my craziness about (un)healthy food choice. Though I try hard (read, pretend) to lead a ..

Watermelon rice balls with jaggery

..lad.This jaggery rice balls is one of our Traditional breakfast , Even in my mother in law's house it is everyone..


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