Indian food forever recipes

Indian spiced krispies, an old favorite grows up

..nobarbus talking about Cleopatra, and how Anthony will forever be her stallker in Anthony and Cleopatra.  But... ..

A very fine finely chopped food walk

..oa.  The list is endless.  The most well known of these food styles can be found at the best Indian restau..

Raw mango and black currant sauce - and soul food show & give away announcement

..flooded with varieties of raw and ripe mangoes and the Indian kitchens are busy making and eating various dishes ..

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Dink,methi ladoo- one a day for the new mom.

... After delivery a new mom is given a high calorie rich food, to replenish the nutritional value for her own self..

Ras malai - celebrating my first blog baby birthday

..volved depth of my interest and want to name related to food… So I hunt for some unique name to my blog… Finally ..

Dum aloo| an exotic potato gravy | tribute to tarla dalal & nelson mandela

.., her bubbly personality, her exceptional talent in the food arena, her valuable contribution as a quite well kno..

Rasgulla for my bm buddies...

..ther and the child from harm and 'evil eyes'. Delicious food is then served for the mother and the guests. The p..

No bake lemon cheesecake with blueberries for summer – eggless and gelatin free my life, they has changed my perception of desserts forever. Since then I become one of the cheesecake aficion..

Chocolate fondant

..h so many like-minded people who all LOVE TALKING ABOUT FOOD! Ahhhhh yes!!!! The world sure is a wonderful place,..

Mushroom pickle

From : IndiafoodforeverIngredients:1/2 kg fresh mushroom1/2 kg water chestnuts (singhade) 2 cup vinegar (s..

Mushroom pulao

From : IndianfoodforeverIngredients:2 cup rice (chawal)3 onion (pyaj) 200 gm mushroom200 gm cottage..

Shahi kaju aloo

From : IndianfoodforeverIngredients:  300 gms Potato (Aloo) 4 tblsp Cashewnut (Kaju) soaked in 1/4 ..

Make navratan recipie

NAVRATAN KORMA RECIPIEHello Friends.. The  popular Vegetable with the great taste.. navratan korma is here for you just ..

Spring roll

From : IndianfoodforeverIngredients:Cover :250 gms. All purpose flour (Maida) Little SaltWater to m..

Paneer makhanwala

Recipe by : Indian food foreverIngredients:  250 gms Paneer 200 gms Fresh Cream (Malai) 200 gms Tom..

Paneer kofta

Recipe by : Indian food foreverIngredients:  For Koftas:200 gms Cottage Cheese (Paneer) How to make..

Ven pongal ( khara pongal festval recipe )

.. when the sun purportedly enters the 10th house of the Indian zodiac i.e. Makar or Capricorn. In Tamil, the wo..

Vegetable chowmein

From : IndianfoodforeverIngredients:1 Packet Noodles1 Onion Sliced 1 Capsicum Sliced 1 Cabbage Shre..

Carrot apple ginger juice

..I come to this conclusion you ask? When I traveled the Indian subcontinent for the first time, I was surprised th..

Mughlai biryani (biryani mughlai)

.. full blast attack.  The bad news is that a bad ear is forever a bad ear.  There is no cure to it. As ..

Dalwada recipe to serve hot dalwada for family and friends in rainy days

..iends and looking for snacks? DalWada is the one which forever remain in top of the demand. In Monsoon Dalwada be..

Kadhai paneer

Recipe by : Indian food foreverIngredients:  250 gms Cottage Cheese (Paneer) 3 Capsicum (Shimla Mir..


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