Indian murgh musallam recipes

Old cauliflower new tricks. bake your cauliflower like a chicken.

... This is your cauliflower.This is your cauliflower on Indian spices. Whoaaaaaa!    Just in case there's anyone o..

Murgh musallam

ghee, water, curds (dahi),, onions, sliced and fried, poppy seeds (khus-khus)


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Recipes for indian

Indian style macaroni

  Macaroni masala is macaroni made with Indian masalas. In other words we may say ‘Desi Tadke Wala Macaroni’.  My s..

Indian style easy grilled chicken

  .. most basic grilled chicken recipe. The marinade is an Indian style tandoori chicken type masala which is simple ..

Nankhatai (indian cookies recipe)

  Photo by Niti AgniIngredients:1/2 cup all purpose flour (Maida)1/3 cup gram flour (Besan)1/3 cup semolina (Rava/Sooji)1/..

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Recipes for murgh

Murgh highway/ spicy chicken curry cooked in small restaurants besides highway/ dhaba style chicken curry

  .. open 24/7.These serve as truck stops also. Since many Indian truck drivers are of Punjabi descents and punjabi f..

Murgh peshawari

  ..of my favorite chicken curries adapted from "Best Ever Indian" by Parragon Books Ltd. What you'll need....

"murgh makhani" or butter chicken

  "Murgh Makhani" is the most popular Punjabi non-vegetarian dish after Tandoori Chicken. This is nothing but Butte..

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Recipes for musallam

Gobi musallam and butter naan

  Gobi MusallamMughlai cuisine is a South Asian cuisine, influenced by the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire. ..

Gobi musallam recipe| side dish for rotis

  ..producing great food. So, when i came across the Gobi Musallam recipe, i was piqued. But at the same time, the ef..

Murg musallam | whole chicken revisted ~ step by step pictures

  ..ular dals and sambar. So I had to make something north indian for dinner. On the Diwali day, since my inlaws do n..

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