Karnataka recipes

Kodubale(kodbale-karnataka special muruku)

.. ingredients.Kodubale is a snack variety hailing from Karnataka(Mysore) and kodu means horn and bale means bangle..

Karnataka oota ~ karnataka thali

Cuisine of Karnataka comprises diverse vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Although the ingredients differ f..

Authentic karnataka style bisi bele bath

Serving: 6 Ingredients: Rice: 2 cup Toor Dal: 1 cup Moon Dal: 4tsp Tamarind juice: 1/4 cup o Tomato: 2 Green bea..

Karnataka oota |kannadiga oota |kannada thali

Today we are landing on Karnataka originally it was named as state of mysore in the beginning .Here there are bot..

Gobi kempu(karnataka special)- 500th post

INGREDIENTS:Boiled cauliflower florets-3 cupsChik pea flour-1/4th cupRice flour-1/4th cupAll purpose flour/maida-2 tbsCo..

Karnataka oota – karnataka mini meals

Karnataka is clearly a state that loves food. They don’t just love food, but some of the famous food items were o..

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Bendekai gojju | south indian bhindi curry | indian okra sauce: karnataka recipes

..ou know why ;) Bendekai gojju / Bendekayi gojju is a Karnataka specialty. It is spicy, sweet n sour & blends bea..

Menthe soppu bath | spiced fenugreek leaves rice : a karnataka specialty!

This is one of the rice dishes that I often cook for guests. All of them have liked this & in fact they all wanted me to..

Gorikai palya recipe | jawalikai palya | gawar sabzi : north karnataka style

..g. We need very little water.  This is a basic North Karnataka Style palya recipe. You could make similar palya ..

Bisi bele bhath|authentic bisibelebhat karnataka style in pressure cooker

..is a rice-based dish with its origins in the state of Karnataka, India.  Bisi-bele-bhaath translates to h..

Bas saaru palya ~ traditional karnataka recipe

Bas Saaru is a curry prepared from the water that is drained from boiling vegetables and lentils. A healthy humble curry..

Mandakki oggarane | ಮಂಡಕ್ಕಿ ಒಗ್ಗರಣೆ | puffed rice snack from karnataka

..ne is another gem of a quick snack from North Western Karnataka, and more specifically Davangers… This dish is al..

Uppu saaru palya ~ another simple delicacy from karnataka

Uppu Saaru or Sappe Saaru is famous in Karnataka, especially in the rural area. Uppu Saaru with palya is a perfec..

Namma mane oota - karnataka

.. Today I am going to take you through the cuisines of Karnataka and serving you some of the local delicacies from..

Vangi bhath | how to make vaangi baath(eggplant rice) recipe (karnataka style)

Vaangi Bhath , a popular recipe from the state of  karnataka. The Word Vangi means Brinjal. The  cooked rice mixe..

Bele saaru | toor dal rasam | pigeon peas soup: karnataka recipes

Wishing all my readers a very happy 2014! Let me update you guys about our weight loss. As promised to myself, I did no..

Jolada rotti oota (sorghum / jowari rotti meal) | north karnataka meal | ಜೋಳದ ರೊಟ್ಟಿ

..e is an entire floor in this hotel dedicated to North Karnataka delicacies, and while there might be other restau..

Bisi bele bath – karnataka one-pot rice, lentil and vegetable medley

.. cooked our way through a dozen states and are now at Karnataka, our very friendly neighbour. The best Bisi bele ..

Chiroti / phenori / pathir pheni . for diwali ....a delightfully flaky layered pastry from karnataka

..rom the rich cultural heritage state of our neighbour Karnataka. A  must serve dessert in a Kannadiga wedding, i..

Akki roti | rice flat bread| karnataka style!

Ingredients Rice flour – 3 cups Onion – 2nos Green chillies – 3nos Curry leaves – 2tsp Coriander leaves - 2tspns Jeera ..

Pineapple kuzhambu [karnataka]

Ingredients : Pine apple - 1/2 cup [Cut into dices] Turmeric powder -  1/2 sp Red chillie powder - 1 sp Coriander powd..

Pineapple gojju / pineapple menaskai / karnataka style pineapple curry

Here comes a classic Karnataka delicacy," Pineapple Gojju / Pineapple Menaskai " , a mandatory dish in all functi..


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