Kathirikai kootu tamil recipes

Eggplant puli kootu / kathirikai puli kootu

                   Puli kootu is one of the authentic dish and prepared very often in South Indian household. Thi..

Chow chow kootu | chayote moong dhal kootu | seemai kathirikai kootu

Chow Chow  Siru Paruppu Kootu | Chayote  Kootu | Seemai Kathirikai Kootu is a famous South I..

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Quick and easy

Virundu in Tamil means feast. When I came to know about the RCI event hosted by Lakshmi I made up my mind to do ..


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Recipes for kathirikai

Brinjal curry/kathirikai curry

  ..hanged  some to my taste. Ingredients: Brinjal/Kathirikai- 8 to 10 small sized Onion-1/2 medium sized chopp..

Kathirikai kara kulambu | kathirikai masala kuzhambu | spicy brinjal curry with coconut

  ..that. Rather than the simple & normal Brinjal fry or Kathirikai Murungakkai poriyal, I would prefer some more ela..

Ennai kathirikai kuzhambu/ eggplant gravy

  ..og.  Little info about the gravy.              Ennai kathirikai gravy is a lovely combo of eggplant & small onion..

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Recipes for kootu

Keerai kootu | spinach lentil curry

  ..ither it may be amaranth or palak.Mom makes a delicious Kootu or curry with the lentils as we use for sambhar/ste..

Pudalangai kootu/snake gourd kootu

  Kootu is a simple and healthy dish. Kootu means vegetables added with lentils and is a side dish in a t..

Keerai kootu / spinach and dal curry

                               Keerai kootu is one of the simplest and comforting dish which taste great with steam..

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Recipes for tamil

Adai- tamil nadu special

  .. is a protein packed South Indian breakfast, especially Tamil Nadu. Adai is a very filling and a satisfying dish ..

Tamil nadu ven pongal recipe

  ..nd comfort food. Mostly consumed as a breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu.Ingredients: 2 cups Rice3/4 cup Moong Dal,dry ..

Tamil nadu style fish curry - meen kuzhambu recipe

  Tamil Nadu Style Fish Curry - Meen Kuzhambu Recipe Ingredients ¼ kg Fish 1 onion 1-2 tomatoes 1-2 g..

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