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Bhajani chakli recipe | marathi bhajani murukku| diwali special

.. Malay name is akar kelapa.Murukku means twisted in the Tamil language. The town of Manapparai in Tamil..

Tempting mango chocolate chips muffins- guest post by manju of desi fiesta

..this blog as I am passionate in cooking and explore my kitchen a lot. And by blogging now I have earned so many l..

Andhra bhojanam

..a’s (father’s mother in Telugu) lovely home, where her kitchen opened into a beautiful wide backyard with Tulasi ..


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Kitchen treasure hunt - event round up part 2

  Kitchen Treasure Hunt - Event Round Up Part 2 … and now finally for the round up of posts from Bloggers! Many blo..

Kitchen tips & tricks - june 2013

  Here is the list of all the great kitchen tips that i shared in June 2013 on my FACEBOOK .** To cook onion..

Kitchen adventure - tomato soup

  There is slight nip in the air already (or atleast it was when i was in delhi last week), so its time for soup.  Here is..

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16 tips to make your kitchen work easy.

  Despite of being a regular hand in the kitchen some times practical difficulties are faced. This blog has taken s..

10 tips for eggless baking

  10 Tips For Eggless Baking 1. Eggs in baking can be replicated by the following vegan substitutes mashed bananas,..

10 tips to a great healthy plate

  .. a healthy lifestyle can be as simple as using these 10 Tips. Use the ideas in this list to balance your calories..

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Adai- tamil nadu special

  .. is a protein packed South Indian breakfast, especially Tamil Nadu. Adai is a very filling and a satisfying dish ..

Tamil nadu ven pongal recipe

  ..nd comfort food. Mostly consumed as a breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu.Ingredients: 2 cups Rice3/4 cup Moong Dal,dry ..

Tamil nadu style fish curry - meen kuzhambu recipe

  Tamil Nadu Style Fish Curry - Meen Kuzhambu Recipe Ingredients ¼ kg Fish 1 onion 1-2 tomatoes 1-2 g..

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"bangude ghassi" - mackerel fish curry - mangalore style

  .. fish is also known as "Bangude" in Mangalore's local language.On my recent trip to Mangalore, I learnt to make t..


  Murukku (Tamil: முறுக்கு) is a South Indian snack of savory crunchy twists made from rice and urad dal flour.[1] ..

Chicken tikka

  ..kki, and tikkiya when it comes to these words in both languages. But in Urdu, for a meat tikkah, it is always a d..

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