Kolhapuri masala recipe marathi recipes

Kaleji fry recipe |chicken liver fry masala marathi style |mutton kaleji fry

Kaleji means liver .todays kaleji fry recipe source is my mom . Same process can be used to make mutton  kale..

Egg curry marathi style |anda masala rassa| andya che kalwan alibag special

..king egg curry. kalwan means curry & anda means egg in marathi  base  of this  is  kanda khobra vatan ie onion c..

Maharastrian thali |marathi thali

..v and pav bhaji, Souther maharastra- Bhakiris, basundi,masala milk, sheerkand,Pune -rassa, kolhapuri thech..

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Quick and easy
Palak paneer paratha

..ith flavored paneer. One of the easiest and healthiest recipe that can be prepared for breakfast or lunch or dinn..

Kolhapuri misal pav (maharashtra special)

..e if you have all the required ingredients. Here’s the recipe: INGREDIENTS: 1 cup moth bean sprouts or mixed spro..


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