Maggi masala tastemaker ingredients recipes

Eggy maggi with corn delight

Ingredients :-1 small packet of Maggi Noodles2 nos. Egg1 big chopped Onion                                ..

Maggi cutlet

Chef's Name : Tadka Masala Ingredients200 gm maggi packet1/2 cup finely chopped vegetables (carrots..


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Recipes for maggi

Egg maggi noodles/ egg noodles

  Egg Maggi Noodles.. Second post of the year with my favourite dish.. Maggi noodles are my weakness, if I h..

Shrimps maggi noodles stir fry

  ..!Yes You Got There Right Very Crazy This Is Where This Maggie Came UP!!!I dont know how many ever had tried to ex..

Healthy maggi noodles with vegetables

                Not sure whether Maggi is as polarising as Marmite. I have a friend who leads a totally unhealthy l..

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Recipes for masala

Masala puri : a bangalore style chaat recipe

  ..emories associated with food are very unique. The name masala puri reminds me of one such unique thing that happe..

Egg masala/egg roast

  .. something easy and the thought of this egg masala came into my mind.The recipe...Ingredients1...

Chole masala | chana masala recipe- for chapathi, poori, roti, batura

  .. for chapathi. Soak the chana over night - grind the ingredients – cook with masalas and its done. That’s ..

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Recipes for tastemaker

Peanut brittle or seeng patti or moongfali ki chikki

  ..than sugar and releases energy slowly It is rather a tastemaker and colour maker It contains iron, cacium, potass..

Vegetables and currys

  .. market. It adds taste to all vegetables. We can say Tastemaker :) . Here are few dishes you can try with potatoe..

Methi matar malai recipe

  ..0 mins Cooking Time: 15 mins Makes: 4 servings Ingredients: Fresh Fenugreek(methi) Leaves- 2 cupsBoiled ..

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Recipes for ingredients

Top ingredients for low calorie cooking

  ..porating the low calorie ingredients in everyday cooking. Most of the ingredients you will easily find..

3 ingredients energy bars

  ..rgy bars. I made before also. But that required more ingredients and cooking, this one no baking, no cooking and ..

Ingredients: a note on garlic and pickled garlic. from the archives.

  ..rthern regions. Garlic is one of the most essential ingredients in Italian cooking. Garlic, Pickled Whole head..

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