Moti hari mirch ka achar instant recipes

Moti hari mirch ki sabzi/dry aachar

You must have heard about Rajasthani Mirch ke tapore, a very delicious instant mirch ka a..

Moti hari mirch ka instant aachar

chopped bhavnagari chillies, chopped onions, besan (bengal gram flour), fennel seeds (saunf), turmeric powder (haldi)


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Recipes for moti

Moti channa - try my recipes

  .. HERE for more details.Ingredients:2 Cups Gram Flour / Kadalai Maavu2 Tbsp Chilli powderA pinch of hingSalt to ta..

Moti channa - try my recipes

  ..r more details. Ingredients: 2 Cups Gram Flour / Kadalai Maavu 2 Tbsp Chilli powder A pinch of hing Salt to..

Moti channa / gram flour spice sticks

  ..with the gram flour and spices .This is similar to the karasev of Tamilnadu with some difference in the ingredien..

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Recipes for hari

Hari moong dal khichdi / split green gram khichdi

  We Indians usually refer to Khichdi as our 'Soul Food'. Khichdi is a one pot meal which is a mixture of rice along with ..

Hari bhari biryani (veg biryani)

  Does the name 'Hari bhari biryani' sound unique? If 'yes' then believe me the recipe itself will do justic..

Hari laal theeki meethi sabji with peanut powder

  In Hindi, Hari means green, LaaI mean red, theeki means spicy and Meethi means sweet. I tried this mix vegetable..

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Recipes for mirch

Shimla mirch ka salan (capsicum in spicy peanut gravy)

  ..pati or rice. Shimla mirch ka salan  Serve 2 Ingredients 3 capsicum/shimla mirch, cut into strips ..

Lal mirch ka bharwa achar(indian red chili pickle)

  Lal Mirch Ka Bharwa Achar (Stuffed Red Chili Pickle) The name Lal Mirch ka Bharwa ..

Simla mirch ka salan (capsicum green peas gravy) | gravy for biryani, parotta, chapathi

  capsicum gravy for biryani Simla mirch ka salan - When I posted the hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani fo..

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Recipes for ka

Gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa) recipe

  Gajar ka halwa (Carrot Halwa) is a traditional Sub Continent dessert famous in Both Indian and Pakistan equally...

Gajar ka halwa

  Ingredients :500 gms carrots4 tbsp ghee1 tsp cardamom pd2 cups sugar1 cup condensed milk1 cup Khoya (mawa)2 cups boiled ..

Panner ka paratha | cheese paratha | indian paratha recipe | easy cooking recipe

  Ready to cook Paneer ka paratha.... Ingredients required: Wheat Flour Cheese (100gm) Onion(4-5 medium siz..

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Recipes for achar

Achar gosht (mutton)

  Lamb/chicken Achar Gosht recipe: Ingredients: Achar Gosht (lamb pickle curry) Mutton/chicken (sm..

Jalpai achar/indian olive pickle

  ..a major winter activity in our region is making  jalpai achar! I made my first jar of olive pickle today and the ..

Nonya achar/fresh vegetable pickle

    Nonya Achar     Nonya Achar is a popular Condiment in Singapore/Malaysian Restaurants and ho..

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Recipes for instant

Instant appe - using semolina (rava)

  Instant Appe - Using Semolina (Rava) I wanted to make Appe since a long time. I had got the Appe pan from Indi..

Instant chocolate mousse

  ..s of ABC, Now time to reveal next alphabet “I”, I for “Instant Chocolate Mousse”. This is a really simple, easy a..

Instant eggless chocolate mousse...

  Instant Eggless Chocolate Mousse.. Every time i wanted to make chocolate mousse but i use to always think twice..

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