Murgh musallam chicken musallam recipes

Murgh mussallam

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Old cauliflower new tricks. bake your cauliflower like a chicken.

..table trick that's what.  There's a traditional Indian chicken recipe called Murgh Musallam...

Murgh musallam (chicken musallam)

For Marinade: Whole coriander seeds 1 tbsp (roasted) Onion 2 (ground) Green chili 2 Yogurt 4 tbsp Red chili 1 (whole) For Casserole: Chicken 1, ½ kg (whole) Spring onion 225 gm (ground) Cinnamon 1 inch stick (crushed) Mint leaves 1 tbsp (ground) Black pepper powder ½ tsp Salt to taste Screw pine water 2 tbsp Rose water as required Saffron powder as required Clarified butter 10 tbsp Garlic cloves 4 (grind with salt) Green cardamom 6 (crushed) Clove 6 (crushed) Nutmeg 1 pinch Ginger 2 inch piece (fresh and grated) Raisin 16 (soak in warm water) Almond 6 (peeled and crushed)

Murgh musallam

ghee, water, curds (dahi),, onions, sliced and fried, poppy seeds (khus-khus)

Murgh musallam recipe

• 1 kg Chicken, • 4 Medium-Sized Onions (sliced), • 1 tbsp Raw Papaya Paste, • 20 gms Coriander Seeds, • 2 tsp Red Chilli Powder


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