Nariyal ki barfi without khoya in hindi recipes

Fresh nariyal ki barfi

..orms a   lump. Add Powdered sugar and mix well. Grease barfi mold with ghee and transfer coconut mixture onto  i..

Narala chi wadi |coconut burfi recipe| diwali faral

As a teenager I never liked to get involved in making sweets  except tilgul laddos & karanjis. I found the proce..

Coconut khaman lavra

.. na Lavra Mango Coconut Shrikand Nariyal ki burfi / Coconut Barfi THAI GREEN COCONUT CURRY GOAN..

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Quick and easy
Coconut barfi made at home

condensed milk, coconut, milk powder, milk, food colour


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Recipes for nariyal

Nariyal ke ladoo

  Coconut or nariyal ke ladoo are a favorite in my house. They are very easy to make and can be stored in refrigera..

Instant nariyal ki burfi / instant coconut burfi / coconut sweet

  ..mother and believe me, every moment that I spend in my kitchen I just think of the day when I will be cooking..

Masaledar nariyal lauki

  From : TastyindianrecipePreparation time: 15 minutesCooking time: 20-30 minutesServings: 4-6Ingredients:40o gm bo..

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Recipes for ki

Chane ki dal aur lauki ki sabzi

  ..s well as a healthy dish. My mom prepares the best chane ki dal aur lauki sabzi and I learned this dish fr..

Lauki ki sabzi

  .. Devansh was born the passion was more for eating than cooking. Then I got interested in cooking, well ..

Lauki ki barfi

  ..nd if it is homemade, it is even more special. I made a lauki ki barfi today and it's turned out de..

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Recipes for barfi

Magas/besan barfi

  .. plate.Mark indentations of desired shape on the spread barfi mixture when warm and let it cool down completely.O..

Coconut barfi (coconut fudge)

  Coconut Barfi/Coconut FudgeIngredients:2 cups unsweetened desiccated coconut1 tin sweetened condensed milk (400 g..

Coconut barfi

  Barfi is an Indian sweet made from condensed milk, and cooked until it solidifies. Barfi or Burfis are po..

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