Nariyal ki in hindi recipes

Coconut dosa (thenga dosa)

..eties.Also called Nariyal ki Dosa in Hindi. Aroma of this dish makes,kindling your stomach.i..

Diwali dinner

.. family for dinner.The menu is as follows.... Drink Kiwi lemonade (a simple lemonade, flavored with fresh ..

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7 super simple indian style vegan stir fry recipes

..le technique you can use every day. Stir-frying is a cooking technique that is easy enough for new chefs, quick..


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Recipes for nariyal

Nariyal ke ladoo

  Coconut or nariyal ke ladoo are a favorite in my house. They are very easy to make and can be stored in refrigera..

Instant nariyal ki burfi / instant coconut burfi / coconut sweet

  ..mother and believe me, every moment that I spend in my kitchen I just think of the day when I will be cooking..

Masaledar nariyal lauki

  From : TastyindianrecipePreparation time: 15 minutesCooking time: 20-30 minutesServings: 4-6Ingredients:40o gm bo..

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Recipes for ki

Lauki ki sabzi

  .. Devansh was born the passion was more for eating than cooking. Then I got interested in cooking, well ..

Lauki ki barfi

  ..nd if it is homemade, it is even more special. I made a lauki ki barfi today and it's turned out delicious..

Amla ki sabzi (indian gooseberry curry)

  ..ood to spread the awareness about diabetic foods. Amla Ki Sabzi Ingredients 10 small amla/indian gooseberry, wa..

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Recipes for hindi

Shenga hindi | spiced peanut powder | dry peanut chutney : easiest chutney pudi ever!!

  ..our trip. Will share more about our trip later. Shenga hindi is a very versatile powder which could be consumed ..

Black forest cupcake..

  .. forest cake, but this time to give a twist instead of making cake i made black forest cup cake... Fortunately on..

Chicken dakbungalow..!!

  ..r the travellers along a dak-route. Dak means "mail" in hindi. The British Officers used Dak Bungalow to collect ..

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