Nishamadhulika cake recipe recipes

Eggless orange cake

I came across this recipe from Nishamadhulika, i slightly adjusted  the recipe to suite our taste w..

Dhokla in 5 minutes(microwave recipe)

.. this dhokla using Besan(Chick pea flour).This Gujrati recipe is superb and tastes wonderful. I am looking forwar..

Home made tutti fruity (indian candied fruit ) These are used in various bakery products including cakes, milk-breads, cookies,  and buns. Tutti-frutti is a..


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Recipes for nishamadhulika

Urad dhal kachori / kastha kachori

  .. made kachoris earlier and I have posted three kachori recipes in this blog. The outer dough remains the same but..


  ..on gathered some courage to try my hands out ;)  Recipe was mentioned in the group itself and We were allow..

Moong dal mini samosa

  ..e which I missed and update here with pictures all the recipes. Today I share a new recipe which I learnt ..

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Recipes for cake

Fruit cake

              This recipe was adapted from Vahchef kitchen which is very simple & easy to make.  Tempting cake..

Chocolate cake (using yogurt, eggless, butterless)

  The best, eggless, butter less and Delicious chocolate Cake recipe made with yogurt that will quickly beco..

Cooker cake

  Hi Friends,Today I am going to share an easy recipe of a yummy cake which can be made in a cooker. This [b..

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Recipes for recipe

Samosa recipe | how to make samosa just homemade recipe is easily can say just homemade recipe. Ingredients for Samosa Recipe Potatoes: 200 grams Maida: 1..

Sambar recipe

  How to make sambar Sambar recipe  Ingredients used  Dal (Tuvar dal, also known as Red gram) – 1 cup Green chillie..

Chakkuli recipe | murukku | easy and quick chakli recipe : festive foods.

  Wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi.  Looks like September 2013 is a happening month for my blog. I am hostin..

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