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Besan tarkari

This is a famous authentic  oriya recipe u can find  in any marriage ceremony or any special occasions in odisha ..

Berhampur alu chips

..that he misses the most and in particular its 'Chattu' tarkari or mushroom curry and 'panner tarkari'. We ..


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Recipes for oriya

An oriya dinner

  ..ork. The curry of this blog post is called Nadiya bara tarkari or fried coconut balls in spicy gravy. I served th..

Dalma: oriya cuisine

  The only Oriyan dish I learnt to make (and that too am not sure is very authentic) is this Dalma. What attracted ..

Khaja.. (sweet pastry)

  Khaja ... Khaja is called Pheni in oriya, this is an Oriya sweet made from maida or wheat flour, sugar and..

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Recipes for recipes

Samosa recipe | how to make samosa just homemade recipe

  Samosa is all Indian most famous snacks, mostly in north Indian. Samosa is fried triangle shaped, stuffed with potatoes ..

Sambar recipe

  How to make sambar Sambar recipe  Ingredients used  Dal (Tuvar dal, also known as Red gram) – 1 cup Green chillies – 2 T..

Chakkuli recipe | murukku | easy and quick chakli recipe : festive foods.

  ..0-15 days Ingredients: Rice flour: 4 cups Gram flour/besan/kadle hittu: 1 cup Hot oil: 3/4 cup (I used Crisco..

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Recipes for besan

Easy besan ladoo-festival special

  ..,special Costumes.And with kids its even more special! Besan laddoo is one of the  traditional famous festival s..

Brinjal besan fry / besan baingan / baingan kalwa / spicy eggplant tossed with aromatic gram flour powder

  ..erimenting with it. Oneday when i browsing for brinjal recipes in google. I came across this one and instantly fe..

Magas/besan barfi

  ..rner, celebration will not end without a dessert. Magas/Besan burfi is made with chickpea flour as the base. But ..

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Recipes for tarkari

Ghanta tarkari (without onion garlic)

  Ingredients: 200 gm Potato 50gm sweet potato 50 gm Raw Papita 2  raw bananas 150gm brinjal 100 gm beans 100 gm Gajar 5..

Khombi tarkari, moroccan yogurt dip, fried chicken and champagne cocktails

  .. of course but not Blog-able :)This time it was Khombi Tarkari (Spicy Mushrooms With Ginger And Chilies) for star..

Pakudi tarkari (pakodi curry)

  Ingredients:For pakodi:Besan 1 cupHing- a pinch½ tsp cumin seedsGinger &  chilly pasteSalt¼ tsp sodaWater Oil for..

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