Paneer patiala recipes

Paneer patiala

..iumServes :- 5-6 pplIngredients required:-250 grams of paneer preferably fresh and homemade5-6 papads roasted or ..

Tawa naan| a leavened thick flatbread made on a flat pan

.. That's it naans are ready to be served with any spicy paneer curries or non-vegetable curries.I served this time..

Roundup- state specials- part - 2 Arti SPECIAL RECIPE OF RAJASTHAN Fried aloo pyaz paneer by Arti Daal Baati with Khayiri by Priti SPECIA..

Punjabi thali food in its many form such as yogurt (dahi), lassi, paneer, makhan (white butter) and ghee.In rural India, Pun..


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Recipes for paneer

Paneer cashew masala gravy / cashew paneer - side dish for roti, chapathi or any north indian breads

  Paneer Cashew Gravy is one of the yummy North Indian Side dish varieties which goes well with Rotis, Naan, Parath..

Kadai paneer - side dish for chapathi roti - dry paneer gravy - how to prepare kadai paneer

  Kadai paneer goes very well with chapati,roti pulav and jeera rice.This is a dry gravy prepared with Capsicum and..

Paneer mattar masala | side-dish for roti/pulao

  ..heck) even though I make different side dish for roti, paneer is my favorite ones.  Paneer with green peas..

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Recipes for patiala

Patiala chicken |punjabi chicken curry straight from patiala...

  .. di................... Remember this song....from "Patiala House" starring Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma.....

Lassi patiala

  Tweet Lassi originated from Punjab. It is also popular in the western parts of India. INGREDIENTS:Chilled..

Mixed vegetable -patiala style

  this is a very tasty side dish for roti .below is the reciepe from the books of tarla dalal.Ingredients1 3/4 cups boiled..

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