Paplet recipes

Bharle paplet ( stuffed pomfrets)

Pomfret or paplet as this fish is locally known is a very clean and tasty fish. And hence this fish can be used i..

Paplet fry (pomfret fry)

Paplet is like king of fish.Every fish eater loves paplet,small paplets are stuffed and fried whole..

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Pomfret curry (konkani: papletache ambut)

..alt. Allow it to boil on the low flame for 5 minutes. Tasty Pomfret Curry (Konkani: Papletache Ambut) is ready!

Surmai cha hirwa hirwe kalvan |kingfish green rassa malvani curry

..ecipe can be used to make green pomfret curry known as paplet che hirwe kalvan  Ingredients: 6 pi..

Pomfret curry(goan fish curry)

Papletache human - paplet stands for pomfret in konkani and human(pronounced as hoo-mann) stands for curry..

Maharastrian fish curry - costal ratnagiri style (papletache kalvan)

My grandma's native is "Harne"......the beautiful village in Ratnagiri district (Maharastra). This is coastal area. ......

Kolambi fry alibag style|crispy spicy pan fried prawns malvani recipe |shrimp tava stir fry|talleli kolambi

..i feast.You can use the same recipe for bombil , ghol ,paplet  fish fry. pls click here for malvani masala p..

Roasted/grilled pomfret fish

..arwadi recipe, masa, mashyacha kalvan, nagpuri recipe, paplet, pomfret fry, salmon fry, shrimp curry, South India..


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