Punjabi sabji gravy recipes

Malai kofta recipe | make malai kofta white gravy punjabi sabji

Malai Kofta is one type of spicy sabji which is most famous in north India. Malai Kofta is made of panner and pot..

Paneer tikka masala recipe | punjabi sabji paneer tikka masala recipe cook at home

If you are in mood of try some Punjabi food, try this Paneer Tikka Masala Punjabi vegetarian sabji ..

Rajasthani gatta curry / gatte ki sabji / gatte ki saag / gatte nu saag

..m my good friend Reetu Upadhyay. She is excellent with Punjabi and Marwadi recipes. She has been my guru for all ..

Sukhi arbi |stir fry crispy dry ajwain arbi |how to make sukhi arbi ki sabji for fasting

..nother dry version with aromatic spices. A very common Punjabi dish with full of spicy flavors of North India . A..

Holi recipes | holi snacks savory sweets complete thali

..E BATATA BHAJJI | BATATYA CHI BHAJIA | ALOO PAKODA Punjabi Samosa- Crispy hotel STYLE Cheese paneer crisp s..

Bhojpuri thali | bihari thali

.. chura Sattu Ka Paratha Kadhi bhari Ghugni Besan ki sabji/  Besan Ki Machhli Gurma / raw mango sweet curry ..

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Sabji/Gravies/Bharta's Lady;s Finger & Kasoori Meethi Fry Bagara Baingan With Tomato Gravy (Eggplant Wi..

Paneer sabji(kadai)

coriander (dhania) seeds, red chillies, ghee, garlic (lehsun) paste, capsicum


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