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Sitaphal rabdi

SIFY FOODIngredients1 cup sitaphal pulp2 litres whole milk3/4 cup sugar4 almonds4 green pistachios, unsalted1/..

Sitaphal pudding aka “sugar apple” or “custard apple” pudding

Sitaphal is also known as “Sugar Apple” or “Custard Apple”  has a typical buttery, delicate flavor. INGREDIENTS..

Sitaphal ki sabzi with kuttu ki poori(pumpkin dry curry with buckwheat puff bread)

..ts , fiber , minerals and vitamins.Popularly known as SitaPhal in Hindi and considered to be cold by nature as th..

Mango icecream: two recipes with and without eggs

..mooth texture. So I decided to make ice cream with two recipes one with eggs and one without eggs keeping the res..

Delhi streetfood/ chaat thali |delhi chaats

..varieties of sabzi normally its is  aloo ki sabzi and sitaphal ki sabzi that is pumpkin curry with veggie pickle ..

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Sitaphal rabdi recipe

• 1 cup Sitaphal Pulp, • 2 litre Whole Milk, • 3/4 cup Sugar, • 4 Almonds, • 4 Green, Unsalted Pistachios

Yummy fruity coffee icecream

banana, coconut, custard apple (sitaphal) pulp, cardamom (elaichi) powder, milk

Sitafal firni

full fat milk, rice flour (chawal ka atta), sugar, custard apple (sitaphal) pulp


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