Sizzler sauce recipes

Prawn sizzler with brown rice and rosemary baked vegetables topped with barbeque sauce

..Cook on both sides till it turns golden brown. To Make sauce Heat 3 tbsp tomato sauce + 1 tbsp red garli..

Veggie sizzler

..meat to it. I made it for my family so I used a large sizzler dish, but if you have time you can make each indiv..

Italian sizzler with potato polpettes

A few weeks back, I promised to post one more sizzler – Italian one!!! And I missed posting it all these days… Bu..

Vegetable sizzler

.. to Taste 1/2 cup Boiled Hakka Noodles 1 tsp Dark soy sauce 2 tsp Butter For Pattice: 3 Raw Bananas 1 Green..

Pepper sauce

Pepper sauce is a versatile sauce that is a popular accompaniment with sizzlers  but it works well ..

Chicken sizzler

Chicken sizzler   Ingredients Chicken breast fillet 4 Vinegar 2 tbsp Ketchup 4 tbsp Wooster sauce..

Italian sizzler:

I just love Sizzlers. There is a restaurant in Mumbai with the name of Bombay Blue, they serve the best Sizzle..

Cottage cheese sizzlers with green rice & schezwan sauce

..from the maximum city. Whatever may the origin be the sizzlers leaves you salivating for sure. It might qualify ..

Indi-italian fusion sizzler

I was missing my favourite sizzlers from Cafe Upper Crust.If one has lived in Ahmedabad, India, will know this pl..

Paneer tikka sizzler

As much we both love sizzlers, more than that Paneer Tikkas. What else can be best when there is a combination of..

Black chicken sizzler

..ring onion) - 1/2 kg (sliced lengthwise) For schezwan sauce : Ginger and garlic paste - 1 1/2 tsp Green chilli ..

Stuffed fried mushroom balls with chili garlic sauce

.. real hit. The inspiration of this recipe comes from a sizzler party my husband and I attended last week and the ..

Paneer teriyaki sizzler

Never seem to get enough of sizzlers. The combinations are endless and as usual it is a meal that you cannot gobb..

Black pepper sauce

Black pepper sauce is a versatile sauce that is a popular accompaniment with sizzlers  but it works..

Babycorn schezwan sizzler italiano

Sizzlers are my  favorite.I first tasted Sizzlers at the  Moti Mahal restaurant,Mangalore, when  they used..

Black magic sizzler

Black magic sizzler Ingredients for brownies Butter 4 ounces Brown sugar 4 ounces Caster sugar 1 oun..

Sizzling chicken steak

..attenedGarlic ½ tspBlack pepper ½ tsp, crushedWorcester sauce 1 tbspMustard paste ½ tspDemi glace powder 1 tsp, h..

Sizzling brownie

..ownie - 2 slices Vanilla ice cream - 2 scoops Chocolate sauce - 1/2 cup Dry fruits - 2 tsp (chopped) Preparatio..

Chicken pepper steak

..n with side bone attached Crushed garlic 1 tsp Chili sauce 2 tbsp Soya sauce 2 tbsp Wooster shier ..

Eggless chocolate brownies

.. had as a sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream in a sizzler plate.This is my second sizzler plate which..

How to make steak fajitas

..e had with tacos or nachos or can even be enjoyed as a sizzler with rice. Made traditionally with skirt of beef ,..

Vegetable cutlets

..cutlets, my second meal is usually Chinese Vegetarian Sizzlers because I use the cutlets in this dish. That recip..


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