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Holi recipes | holi snacks savory sweets complete thali

..l festivals in India, Holi too has its own traditional recipes, which are prepared on this occasion as part of th..

Kurkuri bhindi recipe – crispy bhindi (okra) fry recipe

..very much especially when made like this crispy fry. In hindi, the word Kurkuri means “Crisp” and of course bh..

Chivda recipe - avalakki mixture - atukula mixture - aval mixture Nepali, Bhojpuri and Chhattisgarhi, Poha or Pauwa in Hindi, Baji in Newari, Pohe in Marathi, Phovu in Konkani,..

Holi recipes - holi lunch, dinner menu recipes 2014

Holi Recipes - Holi Lunch, Dinner Menu Recipes 2014 Holi is here, great time for celebration, get-togeth..

Kothimbir vadi recipe |marathi kothimbir che rolls -wadi

..thimbir is coriander leaves which is known as dhania in hindi I have already blogged about kothimbir wadi ear..

Litti chokha - step by step recipe and tips on making sattu from scratch

..ggers from South and North India come together and try recipes from each others' regions. She has given me this w..

My eggy snowman|a quick snack

..Are you like ??  Well if you are ,then it's actually a Hindi song from the Bollywood movie, "Jodi no.1" and a ve..

Whole wheat chocolate fruit and nut bar and is egg free

.. one day it hit me, I realized I am just following the recipes that are being used million of times repeatedly, I..

Tempting mango chocolate chips muffins- guest post by manju of desi fiesta

..d in one of my events and send in some very innovative recipes. She won the competition for her wonderful Masala ..

Crisp paneer fingers

..gging Marathon, I have selected Kids Delight - Evening snacks / Tiffin. Being a blogger and having a kid at home ..

Matar kulcha (new delhi special)

..w you can make it: INGREDIENTS: FOR MATAR (Matar is the Hindi word for Peas!) 1 cup dried white peas (these look ..

Aloo kachori | aloo khasta kachori

..try shells stuffed with  mint and potato mixture. In hindi aloo means potato and kachori is the fried & flaky ..

Tamatar ki chaat (banaras/varanasi/uttar pradesh special)

..friends, “Chaat”, according to Wikipedia, means savory snacks typically served at road-side tracks from stalls or..

Punukkulu/ daal fritters

This is a deep-fried southindian snacks. If U have leftover dosa batter in your fridge..This is the best ..

Jola-urd dal dosa (sorgum ( jowar - urd dosa)

..m, in Tamil is  Theni, Cholam in Malayalam and Jowar in Hindi and Jonnalu in Telugu. It is a very healthy grain a..

Indian dinner with the deshpandes

..i (Yogurt) Sev Batata Puri or SPDP.  SPDP refers to the Hindi name, Sev Puri Dahi Puri.  Achaari Paneer (or ..


..t Puri which I referenced from Wikipedia:Puri or poori (Hindi पूरी (pūrī), Oriya ପୁରି(pūrī), Bengali: পুরি (pūrī)..

Onion fritters (onion pakoras)

Pakora (Hindi: पकोड़ा pakoṛā; Urdu: پکوڑا pakoṛā; Tamil: பஜ்ஜி bajji; Telugu: పకోడీ pakōḍī; Marathi: भजी bhajji, ..

Pathrode / patra / colacassia leaf rolls

..e also known as , kesuvina ele (Kannada),arbi ke patte (hindi),taro leaves ,elephant’s ear plant .Not all verity ..

Egg/omelette chapati (paratha)

..efulness. "Egg Paratha" or anday walay parathay in urdu/hindi :) they are actually easy to make. What u have to d..

Dhania na gota bhaji |kothimbir pakora pakoda| dakor na gota

..leaves which are known as cilantro in english,dhania in hindi and kothimbir in marathi,hence i named them dhania ..

Mentya (fenugreek seeds) guli appa (sweet + khara)

..seeds are known as Mentya in Kannada Language, methi in Hindi, vendyam in Tamil. It is strongly aromatic and popu..


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