Soya chunks recipes

Soya chunks manchurian

Soya chunks Manchurian is new twist to our very own Indo-Chinese dish. It is healthy yet tasty. RECIPE: ..

Soya chunks kurma - soya chunks korma - side dish for chapathi roti dosa

Soya chunks kuruma  goes very well with chapathi,roti,dosa,Romali roti ,poori  Naan, and parotta.I have ex..

Soya chunks kabab.. (soya chunks patties)

Soya Chunks Kabab.. I'm a huge fan of soya chunks and anything made of soya.. I usual..

Soya chunks vegetable curry

..ive day I am posting another very healthy and delicious Soya Chunks Vegetable curry. My mom used to prepar..

Soya chunks sabzi/soya chunks masala

Soya chunks are a great alternative to meat for the vegetarians to meet their nutritional requirements. A ..

Soya chunks crisp

Ingredients: Soya chucks - 1 cup chilli powder - 1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste - 1/2 tsp Salt Oil to fry Boili..

Soya chunks masala curry

Ingredients Soya Chunks - 1 cup Salt - 1/4 Tsp Onion - 2 Medium Tomato - 1 Big Potato - 2 Big Green Chi..

Soya chunks kheema masala

Soya chunks known as  Mealmaker to many , soya chunks is the product of soya bean. Th..

Soya chunks /mealmaker 65 | vegan chicken 65 my kids and its easy to make too. Ingredients: soya chunks/meal maker- 1 cup corn flour-3 tsp mai..

Soya chunks curry (kerala style)

I love anything made out of Soya chunks, be it biryani or curries. We all know that its very nutritive and..

Soya chunks gravy / arachuvita meal maker curry

Nowadays, soya n soya products started playing vital role in everyone's life coz of dieting..There are man..

Soya chunks sweet potato cutlet/ madura kizhangu soya chunks cutlet

Ingredients Sweet potatoes       - 2 Nos Soya chunks          - 2 cups Salt Onion chopped       - 1 no..

Soya chunks curry

Soya chunks has lot of health benefits it is rich in protein. Soya chunks/Nuggets    ..

Soya chunks biryani | meal maker biryani

My earlier post on Soya Chunk Fried rice had lots of comments and what amazed me is that some never had success w..

Soya chunks theeyal / kerala style theeyal recipe

..kka theeyal.  Today, for a change, I have tried it with soya chunks.  Usually I make soya chunks..

Soya chunks cutlet

Soya chunks (Meal maker) have protein content equal to meat and contains no fat. So it is good replacement..

Soya chunks fry

SOYA CHUNKS FRY Soya chunks made from soybean are soft,juicy and provide a lot of nutrients..

Soya chunks manchurian dry

Thinking of what to do with soya granules, I ended up with preparing this Soya Chunks Manchurian wh..

Soya chunks stir fry | low fat meat alternative | kukskitchen

Soya chunks is something that has never been featured in kukskitchen. The whole 'going healthy' pairs well..

Soya chunks briyani

    Soya chunks/meal maker/Soya nuggets are high source of protein and also it lowers the cholest..

Soya chunks biryani/meal maker biryani

Soya chunks/Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) are defatted (fat removed) soy flour product, a by-product of..

Soya chunks kurma / salna

Soya Chunks Kurma / Salna Soya Chunks Kurma / Salna is mild spicy and full of flavors. The..


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