Soya lollipop recipe recipes

Chicken lollipop - चिकन लोलीपोप

..r पावडर१/४ चमचे गरम मसाला१/२ चमचे Chili sauce१/२ चमचे Soya sauce५० gm मैदा१ चमचा आले-लसून pasteखायचा लाल रंग (च..

Chicken appetizer for my little one...!!

                                          Chicken Lollipop....!!!!   It always gives me an im..


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Recipes for soya

Soya chunks manchurian

  Soya chunks Manchurian is new twist to our very own Indo-Chinese dish. It is healthy yet tasty. RECIPE: ..

Soya chunks kurma - soya chunks korma - side dish for chapathi roti dosa

  Soya chunks kuruma  goes very well with chapathi,roti,dosa,Romali roti ,poori  Naan, and parotta.I have explained..

Soya chunk gravy

   This Soya chunk korma or soya chunk gravy is very delicious to eat.Soya beans are an excellent sou..

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Recipes for lollipop

Chicken lollipop

  ..back, around 20 days back and just forgot to post this recipe in my hectic schedule. The recipe is simple ..

Chicken lollipop

  Ingredients: Chicken wings- 500 gms, Soya sauce-2 tbsp, Chilli garlic sauce- 2 tbsp or a mix of garlic paste -1 t..

Chicken lollipops | kukskitchen

  Recipe for mathai's KFC ( that's what he calls them :D) Ingredients: Chicken wings Flou..

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Recipes for recipe

Samosa recipe | how to make samosa just homemade recipe is easily can say just homemade recipe. Ingredients for Samosa Recipe Potatoes: 200 grams Maida: 1..

Sambar recipe

  How to make sambar Sambar recipe  Ingredients used  Dal (Tuvar dal, also known as Red gram) – 1 cup Green chillie..

Chakkuli recipe | murukku | easy and quick chakli recipe : festive foods.

  Wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi.  Looks like September 2013 is a happening month for my blog. I am hostin..

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