Spicy green beans recipe in marathi recipes

Paneer pav bhaji and product review - hudson canola oil

..s and decide what's good for you!!!!!     One of my recipe which I made with this oil, I'll share today with y..

Mix vegetable pickle

..ndiment on any Indian dinner table. It is usually super spicy,sour and salty. Pickle also know as लोणचं in Mar..

Dry zunka : chickpea flour / gram flour stir fry

..ve made from lightly roasted, dried and ground garbanzo beans or chickpeas. Indian markets and/or health food sto..

Vangi bhath/ flavoured brinjal rice

..d dal/Black gram-1 tbspDry coconut-1 tbspIndian capers/marathi moggu-1Cardamom-1Cloves-2Oil-1 tspFor main dish:On..

Chavli chi usal-blackeyed bean usal- and an award

..e base of the curry can be kept the same and variety of beans like White peas, green peas, lentils, black ..

Pav bhaji

..m in western India especially in Maharashtra. 'Pav' in Marathi is bread and 'bhaji' is actually the spicy ..

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