Spicy mutton curry - oriya style recipes

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..a Dal fry   Watli Dal  Egg Plant Potato dry curry   Pithla recipe    Jeera Aloo Dry ..

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Bharela bataka - maharashtra special

.. itself, one can find distinguishing flavours and food styles that make eating an interesting activity altogether..

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Jfi rice - roundup

..Add FlavourPuffed Rice upma from TalimpuArisi Upma from Spicy Chilly Idiappam/Rice String Hoppers from Sizzling K..


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Recipes for spicy

Spicy egg curry( kosha dim)...!!

  Spicy Egg Curry....Dim Kosha..!! Egg Masala..!! According to a study, having eggs for..

Crispy spicy onion samosa - samosas stuffed with onions - evening tea time snack recipes

  .. Onions – 2 Salt to taste Oil for frying A sprig of Curry leaves Saunf – 1 tsp. Chilli powder – ½ tsp A pi..

Spicy babycorn gravy – with freshly grounded indian masala

  ..y make gravy with this babycorn. I made this simple and spicy gravy which was different from what we usually make..

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Recipes for mutton

Mutton kuzhambu / lamb gravy

  ..Indian families, Sunday will start with hot idlies and mutton gravy.. Yeah, its a Sunday special... In South Indi..

Ambur mutton biriyani/ambur style mutton biryani

  ..reigned by Nawabs of Arcot.This place is famous for its spicy non vegetarian cuisine made with chicken,mutton..

Spicy mutton curry (kosha mangsho)

  ..I can’t really deny the fact that it’s easy to remember spicy mutton curry than kosha mangsho. That..

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Recipes for curry

Egg curry marathi style |anda masala rassa| andya che kalwan alibag special

  This is a simple egg curry maharashtrian style which is my moms method of making egg curry. kalwan ..

Chicken curry- andhra style

  ..an recipe and since i always ordered the Andhra chicken curry whichever restaurant we went in  Hyderabad , as i l..

Brinjal curry/kathirikai curry

  South indian style Brinjal curry, which will go well with  all types of rice and Tiffins like chap..

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Recipes for oriya

An oriya dinner

  ..e starting to blur and form flakes of rice and spots of curry in front of me. I closed the book, had a cup of cha..

Dalma: oriya cuisine

  The only Oriyan dish I learnt to make (and that too am not sure is very authentic) is this Dalma. What attracted ..

Khaja.. (sweet pastry)

  Khaja ... Khaja is called Pheni in oriya, this is an Oriya sweet made from maida or wheat flour, sugar and..

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Recipes for style

Indian style macaroni

  Macaroni masala is macaroni made with Indian masalas. In other words we may say ‘Desi Tadke Wala Macaroni’.  My son like..

Indian style easy grilled chicken

  ..basic grilled chicken recipe. The marinade is an Indian style tandoori chicken type masala which is simple and ta..

Hyderabadi style chicken curry |authentic hyderabad chicken masala

  ..rabadi cuisine is known for its marriage of flavors and spicy dishes. I like the rich flavor of spices in their r..

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