Spinach paratha sanjeev kapoor recipes

Paneer green paratha [cottage cheese green bread]

..In these wintery days,when these join to take shape of Paratha,served fresh and hot on the plate before my family..


This is Sanjeev Kapoor's one of the classic recipes. I saw this only once on TV in 1994 and still remember..

Spinach cabbage paratha

..-season. For today I am posting winter season veggies "spinach" recipe which is very nutritious and filling to an..

Round up and winner announcement

.. Oma podi Simple potato gravy Grape juice Keerai vadai Spinach Chapati Seviyan upma Creamy vegetable soup Peas ma..

Roundup of meal in minute-30 event and winner of the giveaway

.. Watermelon-Strawberry Lassi Watermelon Carrot Juice Spinach n Rice Dumplings Popcorn Cone Mango Juice Peas ..


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