Tandalachi kheer recipes

Rice kheer|marathi tandalachi kheer |pal payasam |indian rice pudding

 A rich creamy kheer with simple ingredients  .tadul means rice and kheer is pudding . This is the most f..


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Recipes for tandalachi

Ukdichi tandalachi bhakri

  Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup rice flour , 3/4 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt, Method: Bring water to boil. Add salt and rice flo..

Tandalachi bhakri(rice roti)

    Mostly bhakri is made using only rice flour,but I find it difficult to roll,so I follow my mom’s trick of adding some..

Kolhapuri chicken | spicy kolhapuri tambda rassa recipe | kolhapuri red chicken curry

  ..te’s southern city of Kolhapur which pairs well with Tandalachi Bhakri. Their curries (Rassa) are bold & spicy, v..

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Recipes for kheer

Sabudana kheer | sago saggubiyyam payasam | navratri fast recipe|tapioca milk pudding

  As navratri season is in full swing posting a kheer or payasam recipe made with sabudana.sabudana kheer is..

Kheer-of traditions and family

  ..s there ?! Also I am always looking for reasons to make kheer so I was only too happy to get into it. Kheer..

Mango phirni/kheer

  ..searched found out it is a dessert more like pudding or kheer. I have not made this before but phirini was very i..

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