Topping on monaco biscuit recipes

Yammi crackers

..ृती वाचा मराठीतून ....... Ingrediets:  Crackers or Monaco biscuits- 10 For the Toppings- Bo..

Chicken sandwich - a quick fix sunday brunch

.. salad can also be served as a topping on toasted bread, monaco biscuits or simply as a salad. 2- A..

Saltine crackers - move aside store brands, here comes the home made!

..t Spring and Summer in the near future. The only two biscuits (that is what they are called in India where I gre..

Monaco delicious

monaco biscuits, snax biscuits, butter, coriander (dhania) leaves, chopped onions


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Recipes for topping

How to make indian pizza ( pizza with indian topping)

  Indian-Pizza Indian Topping Pizza :- Well, As I have already provided the recipe for Cheesy Pizza & got a good ..

Banana carrot cake with streusel topping & powdered sugar glaze

  ..king an apple or pear crisp/crumble. Because a crumble topping is one of the most forgiving things you can bake. ..

Simple roti with onion cheese topping:breakfast recipes

  Hi Friends!Actually this is the recipe i want to try most the times and this is my favourite too.Simple and different br..

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Recipes for monaco

Biscuit canapes

  All you need is Monaco or any savory biscuits - 20 - 22 Olive oil - 1 tsp Garlic cloves - 2 ( finely chop..

Cocktail canapes - for sys

  .. delcious . Tarts can be replaced with salty biscuits like monaco or crackers. In that case you don't need..

Extremely easy tacos to get back after a fun weekend

  ..oo. * If you've run out of either, then using Monaco biscuits as a base is a great idea. These delicious ..

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Recipes for biscuit

Maida biscuits | diamond cuts | tukdi recipe -diwali snacks

  Maida Biscuits | Diamond Cuts | Tukdi Recipe- Diwali Snacks            Diwali without sweets and snacks is just..

Biscuit brownies ( no bake)

  .. Recipe Source : Lemon Kurry Ingredients Marie Biscuits/ Digestive Biscuits - 20 No Cocoa Pd - 3 Tb..

Osmania biscuits

  This is the recipe of Vahchef! It is a soft tea biscuit,gets its name after the last ruler of Hyderabad,Mir Os..

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