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Vegetable frankie

..ss from Mumbai and among them is yet again my favorite Frankie. Frankie is an Indian version of a wrap (ro..


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Different types of sambar powder

  1. Sambar Powder [Andhra] : Ingredients : Red chillies - 1 cup Coriander seeds - 1/3 cup Black gram dal - 1 1/2 tbl s..

Nellikai oorugai-type 1/gooseberry pickle/amla achar

  Tweet INGREDIENTS: Nellikai - Big variety (Gooseberry / amla) - boiled and separated into wedges - 2 cu..

Andhra type chicken curry

  Ingredients 1.   chicken                                           ---- 1/2kg 2.   onions big                          ..

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Recipes for frankie

Vegetable frankie

  Frankie is a simple wrap filled with any kind of filling u desire, cheese, paneer, , fresh vegetables... anything..

Veg frankie

  Frankie is a popular Mumbaiya or Mumbai street food. Frankie is nothing but a maida roti having a yummy pa..

Egg frankie

       I am a big fan of Frankies. During our weekend evening, we use to visit a play area, where we can see all ki..

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