Veg kulambu varieties in tamil recipes

Chicken kuzhambu step by step | simple chicken kulambu for beginners | kozhi kuzhambu | south indian chicken kuzhambu

..licked both video and photos. Actually there are many varieties of kozhi kulambu in whole Tamil Nad..

Murungakkai kathirikai puli kulambu or drum stick brinjal tamarind curry

..stick is generally included in sambar or kurma or puli kulambu .Several varieties of brinjal are grown all..


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Recipes for veg

Veg pulao asian style |how to make restaurant style asian chinese veg fried rice at home

  ..add it in end like in fried rice .Or even stir fry all veggies with sauces & then mix rice & cook it with water &..

Veg fried rice

  Veg Fried Rice is very common in our house. Simple and Fast. All you need to have in hands are some veggies..

Veg grilled sandwich

  ..ill know exactly what I’m talking about .The yummy huge Veg.Grilled Sandwiches…ohhh makes me drool!  I tried to..

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Recipes for kulambu

Mor kulambu

  ..number of ways of making mor kuzhambu using variety of veggies and slight variation of ground paste. Here is one ..

Sothi/sodhi kulambu (coconut milk gravy)

  Sodhi/Sothi Kulambu is a famous dish in our(tirunelveli) district.This is served especially during maruveedu func..

Pachaipayarru kulambu / green gram dhal curry

    This kulambu using green gram dhal is unique to kongu region. We usually make this kulambu during fastin..

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Recipes for varieties

Variety rice/ rice upma ver 2

  ..d the roasted rice and moong dal with salt and cook it for about 5mins. Serve along with pickle or any veg gravy.

Varieties of tomato chutney

  * Hot and Tangy Tomato Chutney * Ingredients : Chopped Onion -2  Chopped Tomato -2  Dry Red Chilly -4 Tamarind - very ..

Variety vada

  Ingredients 3 tsp peanuts 2 tsp chana dhal 3 tsp urad dhal 1 big potato 2 tsp white til 2 green chilly 1/2 tsp hi..

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Recipes for tamil

Adai- tamil nadu special

  .. is a protein packed South Indian breakfast, especially Tamil Nadu. Adai is a very filling and a satisfying dish ..

Tamil nadu ven pongal recipe

  ..nd comfort food. Mostly consumed as a breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu.Ingredients: 2 cups Rice3/4 cup Moong Dal,dry ..

Tamil nadu style fish curry - meen kuzhambu recipe

  Tamil Nadu Style Fish Curry - Meen Kuzhambu Recipe Ingredients ¼ kg Fish 1 onion 1-2 tomatoes 1-2 g..

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